Just days after Katy Perry's big announcement about her pregnancy with fiance Orlando Bloom, her grandmother Ann Pearl Hudson died at the age of 99. 

Following her big announcement about her first pregnancy with Bloom, what was supposed to be a joyous time turned into grief and mourning as the singer's wonderful grandmother passed away on March 8. 

On Monday, Katy Perry shared a touching video which made everyone practically teary-eyed showing how she made sure that she shared the precious news of her pregnancy with her hospitalized grandmother who later died over the weekend. 

In the same video, you'll see how the singer excitedly told Hudson, "I just wanted to tell you, I know you're not feeling well, but I wanted to share some exciting news with you." Perry tells her grandmother, "I'm pregnant, grandma! Katy is finally pregnant, she is the last one, but I have a baby inside me  and I wanted to tell that to you."

Even though Hudson's face couldn't be seen in the video and it was obvious that the lady was too weak to even properly respond to the wonderful news, you could see how she still tried to express her hapiness by frailly moving her arm and even gave out a feeble sound at the end of the video. 

Just like most people, the Fireworks singer took to Instagram and shared a few beautiful photos and videos of her and Ann and gave everyone a glimpse of their relationship. 

On Perry's sentimental Instagram post, she shared a string of precious photos and videos of her and Hudson. Along with the photos and videos, Perry also paid a lengthy heartwarming tribute to Hudson and described her as a wonderful grandma and "a fighter who survived the Great Depression, raised three kids on her own as a seamstress, making G-strings for showgirls in Las Vegas."

Perry also thanked her grandma for being "the one who started it all," saying that a lot of what she is is because of her father and he is because of her. 

The famous popstar had kept most of her family life private but in the same Instagram post, she allowed the public to have a glimpse of her relationship with her grandma. Perry reminisced a few memories with the lady and shared that Hudson was the kind of grandma who gave crisp dollar bills in Hallmark cards and how she always let them eat her favorite almond cookies from the 99 cent store. 

The 35-year old soon-to-be mom first revealed her pregnancy with the release of her new music video Never Worn White.

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