[WATCH] Mike Tyson Punches Eminem, Apologizes in Odd 'Godzilla' Video

The greatest rapper of the 2000s generation is back! And his new single will knock you out, just like how legendary boxer Mike Tyson knocked him off.

Wait; what?

On Monday, Eminem dropped the fresh music video of his new single "Godzilla," which features a cameo appearance of the former heavyweight champ and Eminem's good friend, Tyson.

In the four-minute long video, the 47-year-old rapper born as Mashall Mathers portrayed the role of a drunken guy who raps while roaming around a department store. He then found himself outside the store, trying to escape an angry mob.

The clip was interrupted when the 53-year-old boxing superstar randomly entered the scene and knocked out Eminem using his trademark left hook.

"Uh, what the f-k? Mike?" a dizzy Eminem said while glued on the floor.

Mike Tyson, who was wearing a black leather jacket, replied: "Em, is that you?"

Upon realizing he made a mistake of punching a friend, Mike explained: "I ain't mean that, please, I'm sorry. Forgive me. F-k!"

The few-second cameo appearance of Mike Tyson did not just show that he still got a pack of punch in his 50s, but it also reveals his talent in acting.

More Cameo Appearance

Aside from the surprise appearance of the undisputed world heavyweight champion, Eminem's music video also featured Dr. Dre, who appeared in the scene when the "Lose Yourself" hitmaker was getting some hospital treatment.

The clip showed Eminem strapped in a hospital bed, while Dr. Dre and another version of the rapper treated his injuries. But in true Eminem fashion, the Slim Shade medical staff cured the patient by feeding him Jack Daniels.

The music video, which now has over 26.4 million views, was directed by Cole Bennet. The song and the music video itself likened Eminem into Godzilla, who is an outcast due to his known for having a "spitting fire" a.k.a rapping well.

"Godzilla" is part of the rapper's 11th studio album called "Music To Be Murdered By Me," which was released last January 2020.


Juice WRLD Tribute

Eminem's newly released music video also features a touching tribute to rapper Juice Wrld, who died last December 2019 due to "oxycodone and codeine toxicity."

The clip ended with Juice Wrld's black and white footage with an excerpt from his inspiring words.

"I hope everybody havin' a good day. I hope everybody accomplished something significant. Even if you didn't accomplish anything significant, don't be discouraged," the late rapper said in the recording.

"Just aim to accomplish something significant tomorrow and the next day and so on. If anybody is going through anything, I hope, and I pray that you get through it," he added.

The music video closed with Eminem's tribute note that states: "In loving memory of Jarad' Juice WRLD' Higgins. You will be remembered forever. You will be here forever. Thank you for changing the wrld. 999 forever."

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