More people are coming out with statements from the inner circle of former couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. 

The "Aquaman" actress's former assistant Kate James recently spoke to The Blast claiming that she was mentally and verbally abused by her boss from 2012 until 2015. 

The assistant called the blonde beauty a "classic bully," recalling that she heard her used disparaging words to describe Depp while they were dating, including "old man."

"She would fly into blind rages where no-one could reason with her, and even if I was trying to offer an explanation, I didn't think that she could hear me as she was so angry," James revealed. 

James said that maybe Heard thought that no mistake can ever occur in her life that whatever wrong that happened, she would always blame her assistant

James recalled one occasion where she missed a connection on a flight during the holidays in 2012 and James' aunt was visiting Australia during that time. 

Heard then reportedly yelled abusive words at her for hours as if it was her assistant's fault that there was snow and it caused disruptions to the actress' flight. 

Amber Heard -  Johnny Depp Copycat? 

James, a seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry also claimed that Amber Heard completely changed herself while dating the "Pirate of Caribbean" actor, started exhibiting bizarre behavior that didn't even fit her normal lifestyle. 

She explained that when she first visited the actor's home, it was so similar to what Heard was in the process of trying to create that it was almost identical.

James believes that the actress was copying her then-boyfriend, even adding a repertoire of hats, which also appeared to be mimicking Depp's style

Heard reportedly relished in the actor's fame and James' job then included contacting various brands asking for free clothing for her boss. 

"She would spend hours handpicking the requests she would then send to me so I could reach out. If the brand offered a discount rather than completely for free, she would refuse," Kate James dished out to The Blast. 

Amber Heard Paranoia

Amber Heard also hated her assistant when she talked to Depp even if it was just a polite small talk, giving her the "evil eye" after finding out they talked. 

James described the actress "controlling and paranoid" about anyone else being in Depp's space. 

But James told The Blast that Heard's abusive behavior came from the hallucinogenic drugs she regular took, like mushrooms and MDMA, with a "great deal of wine, would mean the assistant waking up to incoherent abusive texts from 2 AM until 4 AM.

"She was open about it, almost to the point of bragging."

Amber Heard - "A Classic Bully"

Meanwhile, Kate James has nothing but good things to say about Depp, saying her first impression of the actor was "how softly spoken and peaceful he was, almost a bit shy. He was very pleasant and courteous upon meeting."

During the years James worked with her boss, Depp was calm and always shy, and she thinks of the actor as a "thoughtful, kind, and genuinely decent person."

"I remember on more than one occasion where I had to bring my son back to work with me after picking him up from school. Johnny would be there and would hang out with him, teaching him how to play the guitar and would be patient and kind with him."

In the years that she worked with Heard, she had never seen the former couple become violent to one another, except the times Amber Heard reportedly yells at her then-husband.

When Amber Heard learned that her ex-assistant has been talking to the outlet, a representative told James' allegations "ridiculous."

"This is a statement from a disgruntled former employee who was fired for poor performance and clearly has an agenda and axe to grind. These ridiculous allegations have no basis in fact and no relevance to these proceedings."

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