Pink is urging everyone to stay calm despite the threat of the coronavirus pandemic. The singer is patiently waiting for the threat to die down, and she is battling boredom with just the right attitude and a whole lot of cooking.

Home Cooking At Its Best

The Grammy-winner was inspired to cook something up for the entire family. While everyone needs to stay at home to be safe, she put together homemade ravioli.

The growing concerns about the threats of the coronavirus have inspired her to prepare something good yet healthy for the entire family. 

The "Walk Me Home" singer took it to social media to encourage everyone to calm down. On March 11, the 40-year old singer shared a video of herself while working hard in the kitchen. The feel-good video-clip began with a friend walking through the singer's pantry while the songstress was busy doing things in the kitchen. 

"What's going on here?" the friend asked as she approached the "Just Give Me A Reason" artist. 

As the camera drew closer, viewers can see Pink looking furious while kneading some dough on her kitchen countertop. A glass of red wine was on standby beside her. 


"I'm stressed out!" Pink said with a laugh. "This is all bad."

In the video, she said that all the bad news on television about the spread of the coronavirus is what is stressing her out. And to help calm her nerves, the singer decided to cook up something healthy. 

With a slightly more hopeful tone in the caption, she wrote, "We're gonna be okay though. Probably, I'm sure."

Coronavirus Hits Hollywood

Though the singer did not directly reference the spread of the coronavirus, Pink also included the phrase "washyourdisgustinghands" in her post. It was a clear nod to the global health crisis that has made a lot of people sick all over the world, including the couple Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson

Thousands of others have suffered from the coronavirus, and it has killed at least 4,000 people all over the world. The NBA has also canceled the remaining games for the rest of the season as some of their players have tested positive for the coronavirus. 

However, the heightened alert concerning the coronavirus spread is not the only reason Pink got into the "cooking" state. In fact, in the last few months, the "Covergirl" spokesperson has been spending more and more time in the kitchen. She has been working on honing her culinary skills, trying out different dishes. 

In the spirit of the Holidays, Pink showed off the "melted snow people" confections that she bakes in time for the celebration. Months after, the singer also shared that she made a cake. 

"Well, it's not the prettiest thing I've ever seen. But We'll see how it tastes," Pink wrote on Instagram. 

In another Instagram post, the singer shared the doughnuts her eight-year old daughter Willow made. The proud mom quipped that her daughter is slowly becoming a baker. Then, she added that their type of diet was not working for them. 

It looks like the proud mom caught the baking bug. 

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