Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot terminate the coronavirus, but he has the cutest way to deal with it!

On Sunday, Arnold posed for a video with his two pets, little horse Whiskey and donkey Lulu, and shared a stern message for his fellow Californians amid the worsening coronavirus pandemic.

"Stay at home as much as possible. Listen to the experts, ignore the morons (foreheads). We will get through this together," he said in support of Governor Gavin Newsom who urged everyone not to go out to bars, restaurants or wineries while the coronavirus outbreak furies.

The California Governor called for the "deep isolation" of all senior citizens in the area and even obliged an immediate shutdown of nightlife.

The 72-year-old "Terminator" star gave a piece of advice to his fans to stay at home and said that staying at home is important, most especially to someone like him.

While feeding carrots to his pals, the actor said that since no one can be out of their houses anymore in California, they decided to eat at home and enjoy his time with Whiskey and Lulu.

"Oh yes that's yummy," Schwarzenegger added as he gave a carrot to Whiskey. "Lulu loves carrots, Whiskey loves carrots, I just had my little bit of vegan food. Oh yes, that was yummy, huh?"


Terminator Melted Everyone's Heart

The tweet has now reached 79,400 retweets and 342,200 likes. In addition, his fans shared their own stories and acknowledged his efforts in giving spreading good vibes amid the outbreak.

One fan wrote, "This is the best thing I have seen on Twitter in a long time. Lulu and Whiskey need their own account because they are celebrities now!"

"For some reason, and I can't pinpoint exactly why, but this was the most comforting coronavirus advice I've absorbed so far," another netizen said. "Leave it to the damn Terminator to actually make me feel GOOD about a freaking global pandemic."

As of now, according to figures collated by the New York Times, there are already 3,602 confirmed cases in the United States, 66 of which have succumbed.

According to the World Health Organization, 154,000 cases have been tested positive around the globe and nearly 6,000 people have died -- the majority of the census is recorded in China, with Italy coming in next since they are now experiencing a serious and deadly outbreak.

What's Making Mr. Schwarzenegger Busy Right Now?

After spending his time inside his house, the "Total Recall" actor posted another video of him riding a bicycle and talking a walk outside.

Per the caption, his doctors allowed him to ride the bike outside as long as he avoids social contact.

The post came after he posted another picture of himself with his pets alongside the caption and hashtag "#StayTheFHome."

Arnold became one of many public figures who use social media to underscore the seriousness of the spread of coronavirus in America while telling people to willingly distance themselves from one another.

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