LOOK! Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom End Quarantine, Spotted Stocking Up Supplies

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Everyone is on a hunt for the best deals at the supermarket and singer Katy Perry is no exception. In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, the pregnant Katy has been spotted sporting her baby bump with fiance Orlando Bloom. 

Preparing For Three

While everyone else is engaged in panic buying, celebrity couples are no different. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were on a hunt for grocery supplies and from what is inside their cart, it looks like they have been stocking up for three. 

Perhaps the only difference is that these expectant parents looked comfortable while doing all the shopping. Orlando and his pop singer fiance were seen in Whole Foods in Los Angeles on Wednesday. They were accompanied by Katy's sister, Angela, and another male friend. 

The "Roar" singer was wearing a body-hugging gray hoodie with matching jogging pants that showed off her baby bump. The "Lord Of The Rings" actor was wearing casual jeans and a dark-colored sweatshirt. Both were sporting baseball caps. too. 

Amid the panic over the coronavirus shopping that many are still doing, all four of them remained calm. They walked out of the grocery with frozen vegetables, fresh produce, boxes of bottled water, and a plant-based protein known as Vega. 

Everyone is wondering if Orlando or Katy bought some toilet paper, too. There is no such purchase visible in their grocery haul. Maybe these celebrities already have them stocked up in their homes?

According to onlookers, Katy and Co. were in and out of the grocery for a good 30 minutes. They also followed the social distancing protocol. In fact, the "Last Friday Night" singer got into the car about 10 minutes before Orlando did. 

The expectant mom must have felt exhausted doing the grocery, considering her baby bump is more prevalent these days. 

Pregnancy Amid The Virus Scare

Katy and Orlando were set to be married this year. In fact, all their wedding plans were already in place when she made a special announcement. In the recent music video for her song "Never Worn White," the pop star royalty revealed to the world the "hardest secret she ever had to keep."

Pregnancies are always happy news, however, the coronavirus epidemic is making this time very challenging especially for expectant mothers. Katy and Orlando just recently got back in the U.S. before the reality of self-isolating at home have set in. 

Their wedding in Japan supposedly this summer would be postponed at a later time due to the global pandemic. Perhaps, the couple is not in a rush to get married as they both want to deal with the pregnancy first to make sure Katy and their baby are both healthy. 

Governments all over the world are doing their best to ensure that the epidemic is controlled to prevent more deaths from happening. The only good news amid all the coronavirus scare is the fact that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are together at this difficult time. They' have got plenty of water and healthy protein to keep them going.

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