Royal Robbery: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Not Helping Baby Archie With Megxit


As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have settled down in their $14 million Vancouver Island Mansion in Canada after finalizing their last round of official royal engagements, the couple is now spending their time with their 10-month-old son Archie Harrison. 

Although the pair have stepped down to their position as senior members of the royal family, they are "1,000% committed" to their patronages. This means the Sussexes will be splitting their time between North America and London. 

Meghan and Harry "Robbed" Archie from His Royal Life

However, a parenting expert explained that while Meghan and Prince Harry planned to raise their son away from the British monarchy, Archie might feel "robbed" from having the opportunity to live his royal life in the long run. 

Also, given that the couple is no longer representing the Queen from any of its engagements, the Sussexes may be in the UK very often. As a result, Archie might grow up without seeing members of his Royal Family very often.

Parenting expert Martina Mercer points out that this setup might have an impact on the young royal.

"On the surface growing up away from his extended family may impact baby Archie in a similar way to how any family brings up their children abroad," she explained. 

"However, he's not only estranged from his family, his cousins, and grandparents, he's also removed from the royal circle and all that it represents."

Unlike his father, Archie will be deprived of having the same royal upbringing as Prince Harry. 

"Baby Archie in his formative years will know no different. He'll grow accepting any situation as the norm. When he reaches his teenage years though he will see what he's missed out on," the parenting expert explained. 

Why Archie Does Not Have a Royal Title

There is also one thing that Archie sets apart from his royal cousins. His parents chose not to use a title for him in a bid to help Archie leave a normal life.

Meghan and Prince Harry's son was supposed to call an earl but chose not to. 

Interestingly, Martina also mentioned the royal baby could seek out a title for himself in the future.

"Archie may seek out the title of Prince when he's older. Will he be allowed to adopt the title?" the parenting expert added. 

"Does one generation's step back mean that he misses out? At 18 would he be allowed to move to the UK and claim his title? Will he want to? A lot of what lies in his future depends on how his parents live their lives over the next decade."

Archie's cousins, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Princess Louis were given their titles because they are the children of Prince William. And as a Duke of Cambridge and son of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, is expected to be the successor of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Currently, the Sussex along with their son is starting their new life in Canada, with her new team. 

Multiple reports say that they enjoy the "freedom to do whatever they want" because the people around "don't bother them," the source told the Daily Mail. 

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