Just after she said she is ready to risk coronavirus to get her TV show starting again, Wendy Williams reveals that she found another way to get working. No deadly virus can stop her from maintaining a job and wanting to work; it seems. 

While other celebrities and television figures are using the lockdown as a time for rest or spread encouragement to stay sane during the trying times, Williams is looking at all possible outlets where she can work.

She already shared how she insisted on working, regardless if there is no live audience on her talk show, "The Wendy Williams Show," only to be turned down by the executives. While the big bosses naturally have good reasons to keep her at home, she is not going to sit idly by and watch Netflix. 

On March 22, Williams took to Instagram to announce to her fans that quarantine was not able to stop her desire to be at people's screens. As such, she is going to YouTube and entertain people. Before announcing that bit, however, she gave a preview of how calm (not) she is being cooped up in her house. 

"I'm trying to stay calm. I walked downstairs & stepped in, throw up! I know EXACTLY who did it! Myway loves to play with rubber bands & there was a rubber band mix in which means she swallowed!," Wendy captioned the snap, featuring a drawing of herself meditating.

"I keep telling them this is not the time to act a fool. Btw I'm gonna start YouTube tmrw evening," she added with the hashtags #socialdistancing #meditation #calm.


This is a good avenue as people are certainly mostly on YouTube or Netflix these days while on quarantine. Also, even though she may sound hardheaded and insensitive to the severity of the coronavirus situation, an insider told Hollywood Life that Williams certainly knows that the virus is not a joke.

What she is presently doing, however, is practically considering what her direction in life should be, given that nobody truly knows what the virus can do anyway with regard to people's livelihoods and living circumstances. 

"Wendy knows this hiatus is for the safety of everybody involved so of course, she supports the decision," the insider shared to the magazine, exclusively. "But she is using her social platform to continue connecting with her audience and has been throwing the idea around of perhaps doing something from home. Nobody knows for sure how long this is going to go on for, and anything is possible in terms of weighing their options right now."

The source added that it is all but natural for the talk show host to find the quarantine cumbersome and out of sorts. She's used to being surrounded by hundreds of people on the daily and sticking to a very tight schedule. She's certainly not used to having a lot of time in her hands while worrying about what will happen next - like the rest of the world currently in their homes, if lockdown is being implemented.

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