It seems like Jeremy Renner is not only combatting against the coronavirus, but he is also facing financial losses!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Renner admitted that his current funds are not enough to cover his living expenses while supporting his six-year-old child, Ava. Because of this, he filed legal documents in Los Angeles to ask for child support reduction since the pandemic "has left him nearly broke."

In the documents obtained by TMZ, the 48-year-old actor -- who played the role of Hawkeye in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies -- pleaded his payment concerns since many of the films and productions he was supposed to have this year will likely be canceled or postponed because of the outbreak.

Because of this, he might not be able to fully pay his ex, Sonny Pacheco, since his financial status ultimately changed in the past few weeks. 

What made 2020 a truly "down" year for him is the fact that he announced that he is no longer part of any Marvel Studios' films in the future because "his work as Hawkeye is already done."

Though he did not mention the specific number for the support fees, Renner said that he somewhat believed that his daughter's reasonable needs can already be covered with only $11,000 per month -- which is less than half of what he is currently giving Pacheco.

How Much Renner Is Paying?

Currently, Renner is cashing out $30,000 on a monthly basis -- tax-free.

The amount covers his daughter Ava's expenses on housing, transportation, clothing, and food.

Renner and Pacheco -- whose marriage lasted for only 10 months five years ago due to 'irreconcilable differences -- filed their divorce in 2014. Their ugly legal battle for their daughter started, and at first, the former couple agreed to share the custody.

The actor initially agreed to give $13,000 per month, plus a five percent share if the actor makes $2.3 million annually. Last year, the actor paid $292,000, which served as additional support for Ava after earning $11.4 million in the same year.

However, he claimed that he has some issues with how Pacheco is using the funds that are supposed to be entirely given to Ava.

"Sonny's voracious appetite for Renner's money has no end in sight," his lawyer penned on the documents, referring to how his ex-party allegedly using his money as a "slush fund" for her own lifestyle needs.

Because of his trust issues, the "Avengers: Endgame" actor also asked the judge to let his business managers become the sole responsible in controlling the funds in Ava's accounts.

Things truly got even uglier since last September 2019 when Ava's mother filed a request to the Superior Court of Los Angeles, California, regarding her petition to have the sole legal and physical custody of their child. 

The battle is not over yet. But if these financial problems would continue to pest Renner's account, he might lose his daughter forever.

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