Amid the growing concern of the spread of the coronavirus, Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee shared with the world some good news!

The past few weeks had rather been crazy for the couple, but they shared their good news to everyone and it was heartwarming. Their baby boy is born and he's just adorable. 

A Gift Born Into The World

Less than three weeks ago, Jenna Dewan, the ex-wife of Channing Tatum, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The actress along with Steve Kazee brightened up the social media feed of their followers when they shared the first face photo of their newborn baby Callum. Isn't he a darling?

On March 26, the actor Steve shared a snap of their bub wearing a onesie while posing on his back, head comfortably resting on a fluffy white pillow. 

"Hello my son...welcome to earth," Kazee wrote in the caption. The fans were quick to notice the little tot's big eyes and faint dark hair. They likened it to that of his dad. Some fans claimed they were sure he would look a lot like Steve Kazee.

He would be a Steve mini-me!

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Hello my son...welcome to earth. A post shared by Steve Kazee (@stevekazee) on Mar 26, 2020 at 1:08pm PDT


Back In Shape

Dancer Jenna Dewan gave birth only on March 6, but nobody would guess that it was just over two weeks ago. In the mirror selfie she posted on March 18, the "Step Up" star showed off her body and it looked like she never gave birth at all. Dewan's body was dancefloor-ready again.

She was wearing a plain white statement shirt and a pair of black pants, her hair tossed on one side. The new mom was going for the make-up free look and she is perfect. 

"Quarantine chic errday," she wrote on the caption of her pic on Instagram. 

Her t-shirt read "Damn you're a good mother," getting her much needed confidence boost, postpartum. In the comment section of the post, her fiance wrote something to express his support. "Shirt don't lie!"

Meanwhile, actor and Jenna's friend Mechad Brooks wrote on the comment, "Wow. How did a baby just pop out of there!!!!" referring to how slim she already is three weeks after giving birth. 

One Instagram user agreed with Brooks and wrote, "RIGHT!!??? So not fair. I'm still carrying around the baby weight and my baby is already almost 16." It came with a crying emoji. 

Proud New Mom

Jenna shared the good news of the arrival of their baby boy through an Instagram post on March 10. It was a black and white photo of herself next to her newborn. The dancer wrote a heartfelt caption on the photo saying, "And just like that, our hearts exploded into all of eternity and beyond. Welcome to the world, you little angel!"

She then revealed the name of the baby and a few other details of the exciting new addition in their small family. 

"Callum Michael Rebel Kazee 3/6/20." 

The proud mom also shares a six-year-old daughter Everly with ex-husband Channing Tatum. While pregnant with her first child with Kazee, the actress and dancer took it to social media to share the good news of their engagement. On February 18, Kazeen popped the question and Dewan said Yes. 

On the Instagram post, she wrote, "Lifetime to love and grow have my heart."

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