Prince Charles Angers the British For Testing Positive for Coronavirus: 'How Dare He!'

When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus a pandemic, it revealed a lot of problems for the world. Some challenges have become too familiar that people grew accustomed to them.

And yet, it has also forced communities to confront some new ones they never thought they had to. 

All In This Together (Or Not!)

Celebrities and those in position remind everyone that "we are all in this together." But the reality is that although everyone is at risk of contracting the coronavirus, some are put in more dangerous positions than others. 

The lack of knowledge of what this new virus is or how strong it can be has put the world population at risk. Even the richest countries with the most advanced technologies could not seem to find a cure. The number of deaths is growing since it began in Wuhan, China. And yet, months after, there is still no cure or vaccine. 

Perhaps the only bridge that gives people hope or salvation is the fact that a COVID-19 testing kit is already available. This kit is designed to confirm if a patient who has been suffering from flu-like symptoms has actually contracted the dreaded coronavirus

This kit, though lifesaving, presents yet another problem to countries. In fact, these kits have become more divisive than any other testing kit in the world. Because the coronavirus kit has not been mass-produced yet, the limit in their number has created a huge divide between the rich and the poor. 

It is no surprise that people became furious when they found out that Prince Charles got tested for the coronavirus when he was only suffering from mild flu-like symptoms. Buckingham Palace insisted that the testing was done for sound clinical reasons. They reasoned that one test for the Prince did not make a huge practical difference to the ability of thousands of frontliners to get one themselves. 

This spasm of public anger should never be taken lightly. After all, it should serve as a warning sign that the epidemic has reached a new stage. Instead of building heartwarming stories of hope and faith, it will create darker stories of vulnerability and deaths. 

If people are not careful, the health crisis that brought us together could be the same one that would tear the world apart.

The Star Of An Uproar

The Duchess of Cornwall Camilla and Prince Charles have left London and moved to the countryside estate of the Queen. This happened hours before the government instituted a state-at-home lockdown to hopefully prevent the spread of the infection. 

And while the rich find comfort in the rented countryside mansions or the deserted tropical island, the poor and the middle class try to find safety in their own homes. Schools that are normally busy during the day with all the kids running around have been forced to shut down.

The age-old divide between the country and the town has long been overlooked. In fact, many have become accustomed to the inequality that they have grown tired of fighting. And yet amid this epidemic that threatens the life of practically everyone, will the rich be saved first because they have the money? 

Will the poor and the middle-class families be given an equal chance for survival? Although the issue of the COVID-19 testing kit may be simple to some, it is a life and death situation for others. People are left asking -- if those who suffer from mild flu-like symptoms like Prince Charles are not given the same regard for a COVID-19 test, will the government simply wait for them to die before they get medical help?

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