Catherine Zeta-Jones is spending a lot of time at home while on quarantine. Like everyone else, the "Mask of Zorro" actress is taking advantage of the time she has on her hands while in self-isolation.

In fact, Zeta-Jones entertained herself by playing a game. 

Moves Like Shakira

The 50-year old actress shared a video on her Instagram account on Friday. She was playing a game of charades while channeling her inner Shakira. 

In the caption, she wrote, "Charades gone wrong?" 

"I was Shakira 'hips don't lie!!' Genius! No one got it."

The "Chicago" star looked ageless wearing a rock studded black top and a pair of pants in sparkling gold and black. She can be seen swaying her hips left and right in a slow and steady beat. 

While she attempted to be Shakira, her hips, indeed, did not lie. She needed to move it faster, in more upbeat movements to truly achieve the "Shakira" signature move. 


But the epic fail did not stop the "No Reservations" actress to go on and entertain herself while on quarantine. She joined a card game called Skyjo and looked like she just got lucky. 

In a separate post on her IG stories, Catherine Zeta-Jones shared a photo and wrote on the caption, "Skyjo winning hand!". The photo showed several cards laid out.

Dealing With The Coronavirus

The world health crisis has become much worse over the past few weeks. A great number of countries all over the world have recorded victims of the coronavirus. Despite continued efforts to keep the number of infected to a minimum, the rapid spread of the virus has only made the situation uncontrollable. 

In the last tally of victims of the coronavirus, the United States has topped the list for the most number of victims. The number of patients who have contracted the virus is growing by the minute. In fact, several celebrities have come forward to tell everyone that they have tested positive of the coronavirus. 

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Idris Elba are just a few of the many who are under medication for the coronavirus. While they continue to recuperate, other artists have expressed their strong concern for everyone's safety. 

In their own public service announcements, actor Ryan Reynolds and singer Selena Gomez have reminded the public on the many ways they could keep themselves healthy at this time. 

The "Deadpool" actor reminded everyone to stay in their homes and practice self-isolation. This is to help keep the virus from spreading further. On the other hand, the "Lose You To Love Me" singer posted a video showing her followers the proper way of washing one's hands.  

Health officials continue to remind the public to practice proper hygiene including washing their hands frequently. It is through these practices that the coronavirus can be defeated. With everyone's help, the world could beat the coronavirus pandemic and eventually heal. 

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