Jameela Jamil gained her popularity during her stint at the UK's youth entertainment show "T4." Since then, the English-born actress made a name for herself and became the first solo female BBC Radio 1 presenter. 

Despite her media persona, the 34-year-old actress has become the subject of viral hate and online trolls after coming out as queer and receiving backlash for her "Legendary" judging gig earlier this year. 

Jameela Jamil Coming Out As Queer Was An "Outburst"

During her interview with Variety Live, the "Good Place" actress confessed that she regretted the time she opened up about her sexuality. 

Jamil shared that it was an "outburst" and that it "was not well handled" properly. 

"If I could go back I would have done it at a different time," the actress added. "I don't know when it's ever really appropriate, but that was not the best time."

Jameela also revealed that she already knew that she was a queer since she was a child, but she did not tell anyone "until a couple of years ago."

Being Queer And Having Traditional Roots

Although she was born and raised in England, she explained that growing up to an Indian and Pakistani upbringing, they were accustomed to a conservative and traditional lifestyle. 

Moreover, the model-turned-actress also mentioned that since the beginning of her career, she has been in the public eye for a long time which has led her to struggle with her own identity. 

"I have never felt like my private life is mine alone, so I've been trying to grapple with how to handle that for so long because I don't like having my love life scrutinized. So I kept it quiet for a while to give myself some privacy and then it just burst out of me."

Despite the unexpected turn of events, she claimed that "it's nice to have it off" her chest and live for the moment without having to hide skeletons in her closet. 

The gender equality activist also pointed out that there was at least one silver lining from her announcement: "Lots of people who I know have come out privately as queer as bi or pansexual to me now because of it."

LGBTQ Community Criticized Jameela Jamil

Last February, Jamil was criticized after being cast in HBO competition series "Legendary" which highlights ballroom and voguing rooted in queer culture in the black community. 

One person who lambasted Jamil was "Transparent" star Trace Lysette. She took to Twitter to voice out her opinion about the actress being the head judge. 

"Lol... I interviewed for this gig. As the mother of a house for nearly a decade, it's kind of mind-blowing when ppl with no connection to our culture get the gig. This is not shade towards Jameela, I love all that she stands for. If anything I question the decision-makers," Lysette shared.

Lysette is a 32-year-old transgender and the founding mother of the house of Gorgeous Gucci. 

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