Sorry, Justin Bieber fans! The singer has announced that his 2020 "Changes" tour is postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As a result of the threat and concern surrounding the global health crisis, the 45-date North American tour of the former YouTube sensation was postponed and announced on April 1, as per a statement obtained by Variety.

"In light of the current public health crisis, and with the deepest concern for all those being affected, Justin Bieber will be postponing all currently scheduled 2020 dates for the Changes tour."

Fans are being asked to hold on to their tickets, as they will be honored for the rescheduled dates.

"Justin is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get back out on the road and perform in a space that is safe for everyone."

Bieber's tour was supposedly set to celebrate his return to the music industry. His recently released album "Changes" was also the first album he released in five years.

Along with the album and tour came an original YouTube documentary series that chronicles the life of the pop superstar battling with fame and addiction, as well as his struggles in life, the process of writing his fifth studio album, and his married life to model Hailey Baldwin.

During Justin Bieber's downtime at home, he has recently posted seven TikTok videos in a row doing dance challenges to his song.

He once encouraged his fans to push his song "Yummy" to the Billboard charts in January, and now, he's trying to start a dance trend on the social media platform for his song, "Come Around Me," the third song on his album.

It is called the "Come Around Me Challenge." The choreography was first revealed on March 26, which features four professional dances doing the challenge on Instagram and TikTok to kick it off.

However, it may not be enough for the "Sorry" hitmaker as he took the promotion of the dance challenge in his own hands.

On March 27, the Canadian-born celebrity posted a video of himself doing the challenge in his kitchen, with a plate of hardboiled eggs peaking in the corner of the screen.

Afterward, he posted several more videos of the challenge, with him dancing in his basement, one in what looks like a movie theater, one on top of a pool table, and then there's more.

The likes on his uploaded TikTok videos range from 200,000 likes until 900,000 likes.

Aside from his TikTok videos, Justin Bieber also made headlines after he had an unexpected and unannounced Instagram live session with Tom Holland.

Fans of both celebrities couldn't believe their eyes that their favorite pop icon and the "Spiderman" actor engaged in a candid interview on social media.

The two praised each other for their crafts, and on the third minute of their live stream, the pair discussed how they're coping with quarantine.

It is worth noting that Holland, who has done an MTV interview months ago, admitted that he is a fan of Bieber, "and what he's been doing with that show that he did on YouTube, I just really enjoyed that because it was nice to see that someone go through it in the biggest way possible."

"He seems so happy, and it just made me happy," Tom Holland spoke of Justin Bieber's "Seasons" documentary.

Holland, who has just returned to London after filming in Berlin that was cut short because of the coronavirus pandemic, was given a free mini-tour of Bieber's house.

The "Baby" singer showed him and everyone else on the live stream, his fireplace, and the lake in his backyard.

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