Amanda Bynes is pregnant, but her mom is not happy about it. In fact, she's livid that her daughter is expecting a child soon.

But why? 

According to an insider, the mom is furious, not because she does not want to become a grandmother. Instead, she's worried about what would happen to her daughter. She believes the pregnancy could make her daughter's mental health more precarious than it already is. 

The former Nickelodeon star is taking some meds before becoming pregnant, but she has to stop these now.

"Amanda's mom is furious she is pregnant as treating her mental health issues has become complicated," a source explained to US magazine. "Amanda doesn't want to take some of the meds because of dangers to [her] baby."

Earlier this March, the actress announced through her social media that she's pregnant. Even though she did erase that post on her account, sources close to the actress confirmed it. Also, her fiancé Paul Michael has the same post about Bynes' pregnancy, so this can already be taken as hard evidence. What made people suspicious about the news for a while is the fact that the news came shortly after she actually broke up with Michael. 

Still, it seems everything is fine now between the two. What they have to worry about is Bynes' mental health as well as the relationship with her mom. 

Another thing complicating the pregnancy and Bynes' relationship with her mom is that the "All That" star's conservatorship. Under this conservatorship, there are strict guidelines governing the custody of Bynes' child. Because she has suffered a public fight with substance abuse and mental health issues in 2014, her mother presided as her conservator since that year. 

According to Neami Rahmani of West Coast Trial Lawyers, this conservatorship can have an impact on how the child will be reared up, at least on the legal side of things. "Amanda, her parents, and her fiancé, Paul Michael, will all share physical custody, but only her parents and Paul will be able to make legal decisions for the baby because Amanda is under conservatorship," the lawyer explained

Rahmani also added that this is already the best-case scenario for the actress. If this does not happen, a possibility is that the county social workers become involved and remove the parent from Bynes, because they somehow perceived her as an unfit parent.

Once an actress with a really bright career, many had wondered what happened to her when she suddenly vanished from the limelight and resurfaced with all these mental and behavioral issues. It seems though that she's striving to address these. In November 2018, she even opened up to Paper magazine on what had happened o her. She also shared why she made the decision to quit Hollywood eight years earlier than planned. 

According to her, she had no purpose in life then because she's been working her whole life. Suddenly, she found herself doing nothing, and it negatively affected her. "I had a lot of time on my hands, and I would 'wake and bake' and literally be stoned all day long," she shared. Drugs made her world really sad and dark, she said.

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