Meghan Markle New Facts Revealed After Megxit: She's Not Who People Think She Is!

Meghan Markle is not Meghan and the Duchess is not merely a Duchess. Confusing, right?

Royal family fanatics suddenly got confused when baby Archie's birth certificate revealed new facts they thought they already got covered. The certificate was only made public this week and there were several revelations from it. 

Among the discoveries made from the document, which is registered by Prince Harry, are the real name of Meghan Markle and her true title. 

First, her real name is Rachel and second, she is the "Princess of the United Kingdom." The document also revealed the place where Archie was born, since this was kept a private information in the past. He was born at Portland Hospital in Westminster, England. The noted institution charges $25,000 a night. 

These are interesting new facts since most people thought Markle's Title was the Duchess of Sussex. This was bestowed upon her by Queen Elizabeth herself when she married Prince harry. 

According to the Mirror, the title of Princess should not be surprising nor it is wrong. "While she was given the title the Duchess of Sussex by the Queen on her wedding day, she is also technically a princess, just not in her own name," the Mirror explained. "She is Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales through her husband, Harry," it further added.

That her name is Rachel is not a secret of course. But not a lot of people knew about it, since she's more popularly known as Meghan. Vulture in 2018 even made a post why nobody seems to care that Rachel is her real name and Meghan is her middle name. However, it was noted that at least the Queen used her real name when providing the consent letter for her marriage with Prince Harry. 

These new Meghan Markle facts may well be under the bridge now. Post-Megxit, people are likely to be interested in how she and Prince Harry will navigate life in the United States as "commoners." As of now, some are already questioning whether they even made the right decision given that jobs are scarce and the coronavirus meant they should not have left their royal family just like that. 

Some royal experts have claimed that the two are experiencing a reality shock right now because their financial situation has become chaotic. They have to pay for their US security by themselves and have yet to secure some lucrative offers to become comfortable in their "financially-independent" lives. Meanwhile, the coronavirus is simply hitting one economy after another; not to mention, making people seriously ill - the rich, the royals and the celebrities not exempted. 

According to news outlets, Prince Harry is reportedly having a hard time dealing with the reality of him leaving his family at a crisis. On the other hand, many are wondering how, even though Markle is already in LA, she still has yet to get in touch with her mom. Some says she is merely practicing caution and socially distancing, which makes for a valid explanation.

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