A few weeks ago, "Friends" fans were left saddened after news broke that the sitcom's much-awaited reunion special will be pushed back due to the threats brought by the coronavirus.

According to reports, the filming of the episode is scheduled on the 22nd and 23rd of March. However, due to the current health crisis, the production will be delayed until further notice.

In his recent appearance at "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Matt LeBlanc -- one of the six original pals -- spilled the tea about the delayed production of the reunion special.

According to the 52-year-old actor who played the role of the famous Joey Tribbiani, the reunion special will be nothing like the hit series that they did a couple of years ago.

"It's not a scripted thing; it's not like an episode. It's more of the six of us together talking about the good old days," Matt said during the taped interview.

The veteran actor even likened the reunion special to being reunited as band members.

"Like we got the band back together without the instruments," he added.

Matt also revealed how he feels that younger generations discover the show through streaming sites like Netflix. He thinks it is funny seeing their younger selves in the show considering how old they are all now. All of the original pals are now on their 50s but still armed with the same 90s charm.

Strangest Memory About Friends

During his interview, the "Man With A Plan" star also recalled the strangest experience he had while in the height of "Friends" popularity.

Matt revealed that he -- along with his co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer -- was subjected into some "weird" invasion of privacy during their fame.

"I remember one time, it was during the week, I had been flipping channels and watching the news, and for some reason, they had a split-screen on the TV, six quadrants," Matt recalled.

"Each was a live shot of each one of our houses, like a helicopter shot. I was watching it, and there was no information or news, it was just showing houses."

But instead of worrying about his own privacy, the experience led to a funny realization about his house.

"I remember looking closely at my house and thinking 'F- I need a new roof.' So the helicopter flies away, and I get the ladder, and I go up there," Matt said laughing.

The One When Joey Remembers Everything

During the same TV guesting, the Joey Tribbiani portrayer also played some "Friends" trivia game along with the show's host, Bellamy Young and Ahmed Alwan.

Unlike his co-star Courtney Cox (who played the role of Monica Geller), Matt proved that he remembers even the tiniest detail about the show, especially those that concern his character as a struggling Italian actor.

Matt answered questions like where did Joey stick his hand that Monica got upset, what is Joey's character name at "Days of Our Lives," and what did Joey protect from a gunshot.

He even savagely corrected his opponent when they said "chicken and duck" when asked about Joey and Chandler's pet and said it was technically a "chick and a duck." Hilarious!

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