Hollywood model Lori Harvey sparked pregnancy rumors once again.

Social media users are speculating about the 23-year-old possibly having a baby on the way with her rap icon boyfriend, Future.

After Lori posted on Instagram of what seemed like an innocent video of T-Pain and Lil Jon on her TV, eagle-eyed fans noticed that there was a sonogram printout sitting to the right of her television screen.

Many fans were excited for Lori, asking if she was indeed expecting.

However, The Shade Room debunked the rumors, saying that the sonogram belonged to her sister Morgan Hawthorn.

This was not the first time Lori was on the front page of Hollywood websites.

The step-daughter of TV icon Steve Harvey made headlines early this year after being warned that Future might have pegged her as another baby momma. After all, it is believed that the rapper has as many as ten children with eight different mothers.

On Valentine's Day, Lori posted a video of Future's romantic gesture of scattering rose petals, putting up romantic candles and a heart-shaped board made of roses in her Beverly Hills home.

Comments poured on the Instagram post of Sof Lori, which range from "How are you going to clear it up" up to "He's trying to get you pregnant!"

Lori allegedly responded to the last comment that she is "already pregnant." However, it was never confirmed.


Steve Doesn't Approve?

Lori's relationship with Future is getting stronger, even after Steve Harvey's insistence that he has nothing good to say about her daughter's relationship with the rapper.

When the 62-year-old host was walking around Hollywood, a paparazzi asked him, "How do you feel about your daughter dating Future?" and "Do you approve of Future?" to which he responded with, "I don't know nothing about that."

Lori also did not listen to her mother's advice from 2015. The model made headlines in December when a video surfaced of her mother Marjorie warning her to steer clear of rappers.

Marjorie told her daughter, "I know you just started dating this year, but no athletes, no rappers."

Spoiling Lori

Since late last year, Future had spoiled her much-younger girlfriend this year when they made their relationship known to the public.

The 36-year-old went all out for his girlfriend's 23rd birthday with a massive party in Jamaica.

In a video Lori shared on her Instagram, she was seen jumping on a private jet, which was filled with scattered rose petals. The plane had the model's friends on board as they were headed to Montego, Jamaica.

Arriving there, the group was welcomed by gold balloons that read out "Happy Birthday Lori" in their massive mansion.

On her way to her room, she was surprised with even more rose petals and candles that lead to the bed.

However, The Shade Room pointed out that Future's exes, Joie Chavis and Brittni Mealy, had both previously showed off similar rose petal situations.

The Shade Room even shared a video collage of all three women relishing in their gifts from Future.

Aside from the trip, Lori Harvey also showed off an expensive gold Rolex she got for Christmas. The rapper tends to buy his girlfriend's expensive watches, as ex-girlfriend Chavis took to her Instagram also to show off her diamond watch.

The couple also took a trip to Africa, where Future was headlining for a concert in Lagos, Nigeria.

Later on, they were spotted in a Las Vegas bar celebrating New Year's Eve together.

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