Meghan Markle, Prince Harry on a Finance Trap? Security Costs Dragging Them Down

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry assured everyone that they can be financially independent on their own. However, just a few days after Megxit, they seem to be on the verge of having nothing but liabilities already.

A royal expert warned the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that they might face a very rocky future ahead due to their financial instability.

According to the royal contributor for ABC, Omid Scobie, Harry and Meghan have once again failed to predict how the coronavirus pandemic could affect their financial status.

Since the health crisis occurred after they have already agreed to Queen Elizabeth II's money-related requirements before they could leave the monarchy, it caused more financial concerns for the Sussexes.

"For Harry and Meghan, on top of the difficulties they have had with the press, there has been this underlying issue of who pays for security moving forward,"  Scobie said during his appearance on The HeirPod. "It is something the couple was very conscious of - that from March 31st it would have to be done by themselves."

Their unstable budget also prevented the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from pursuing their foundation anytime soon.

Meanwhile, CTV's Laney Lui added more fuel to the issue and said, "Security is not cheap. For them, you are dealing with multiple personnel and round-the-clock at that. You have to also account for that and travel and other expenses."

In fact, weeks after they dropped the bombshell announcement, the Daily Mail computed the possible expenses of the family-of-three.

Based on their published calculation, the royal couple needs to pay each protection officer around £100,000 per year -- including the officer's flights, pension, and living expenses. In their case, they need two officers per member, leaving them an average cost of £600,000.

Because of this, Lui believes that Harry and Meghan need to retrace their steps and review their plans.

For them to push through all of their ventures, they need to have a stable source of income that can cover their whole expenses -- most especially their extravagant lifestyle.

Problematic Royals Soon?

In the same podcast, Scobie and Lui continued to exchange their thoughts about how the simple water bills, and not solely their future foundation, could also cause headaches to the Sussexes.

"I think that is why they didn't go down the route of starting a foundation because they don't have an unlimited fund behind them to start that," the royal contributor said.

Scobie suggested that they might have to launch a fundraising event to raise their own money since they have spent their last few years not earning enough as senior royal members.

To recall, the Sussexes already slashed £2.4million from their pocket to pay back the renovation expenses they used for their home in Windsor since it "will remain their U.K. family home."

"No-one knows when there is an end date to this," Scobie warned. "This could follow us for some time. That will provide different obstacles to the couple that they weren't expecting."

Their possible future financial problems were unrolled after U.S. President Trump refused to cover their security expenses when they came to Los Angeles from Vancouver Island.

In return, they insisted that they never had any plans to ask for the government's help in covering their security costs.

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