Mandy Moore definitely got everyone's attention as she brought the house down!

The singer, accompanied by her husband Taylor Goldsmith playing the guitar, slew her living room performance by singing her hit single "Only Hope."

Just As Good

The 35-year old Moore sang her hit song for the movie "A Walk To Remember," and she sounded as good as she did 18 years ago. While in quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic, the singer popped up on Instagram for yet another celebrity live performance. 

On the guitar was her husband Taylor Goldsmith, and the two just gave a stunning impromptu Instagram concert on Sunday, April 5. The couple unexpectedly performed what could be considered as one of Mandy's most iconic tracks.

While Mandy would often include the song during her tour in the late 2000s, it has been years since she was heard singing it in a public performance. Apart from the special message of the song amid the world health crisis, it is her unique voice that made the moment even more special for everyone. 

"So I lay my head back down/And I lift my hands and pray/To be only yours I pray," she sang, reminding everyone of the incredible vocal range. 

When she belted out the line, "To be only yours I know now you're my only hope," everyone was left in awe. 

Mandy was sitting comfortably on her living room sofa. She was smiling happily when she took everyone back in time to 2002. Everyone thought it was a sweet gesture to see her perform the song with the love of her life Taylor, who is also an accomplished songwriter and singer in his own right with his band Dawes. 

The Backstory

A Christian Band by the name of Switchfoot originally recorded the song "Only Hope" in 1999. However, it was later covered by Mandy Moore and was released as a soundtrack for her movie "A Walk To Remember" in 2002.

The song was prominently featured in the film based on the book written by Nicholas Sparks. In the movie, Jamie, the character played by Mandy, sang the song in a school play. The poignant scene was remarkably memorable because it was the moment when Landon, the character played by Shane West, first realized that he had feelings for Jamie. 

The pair shared their first kiss on the play which surprised everyone, as it was not part of the original script of the play. At the end of what was a memorable scene, everyone was left in love. 

Shortly after, Landon found out that Jamie was dying of leukemia. Against all odds with only love in their hands, the two characters decided to get married. Their love story was shortlived as Jamie died before summer ended that year. 

Mandy Moore has earned a name for herself with her beautiful voice, which she clearly showed in her most recent Instagram performance. The native of New Hampshire looked stunningly beautiful in her at-home performance, wearing a blush dress with polka dots. 

"We'll get it down! I'll get it down! That was weird!" Mandy said laughing as husband Taylor was just putting down his guitar after their performance. 

Nobody knew what she meant when she said that, but it did not matter. Everyone was thinking of the same thing after their performance -- she sounded absolutely fascinating. 

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