Tennis legend Roger Federer and his wife have donated $1.02 million to help the families who are greatly affected by the spread of the coronavirus in Switzerland.

However, the world-renowned athlete has found another way to help spread good vibes while everyone is in quarantine amid the pandemic. 

Tennis Enthusiasts Get Free Tips

Tennis enthusiasts all over the world are over the moon for getting tennis tips from the pro himself. Roger Federer is considered one of the best tennis players in the world, and he is giving away free tips for aspiring tennis players practicing on their own. 

In a recent social media post, Roger shared a video of himself doing a solo drill. It is one of the practicing tips he shared with players of the sport who are following the stay-at-home request of the government. The practice of social distancing is greatly regarded amid the ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic

He also encouraged those who practiced the drill to upload a video of themselves. The tennis pro offered to answer their questions about tennis practice drills they can do at home on their own. 

"Here's a helpful solo drill. Let's see what you got! Reply back with a video and I'll provide some tips," the athlete wrote in the caption of the video where he can be seen volleying the ball against the wall. 

Federer was wearing an all-white tracksuit, matching sneakers, and a white Panama hat while doing the at-home workout. 

While he may be serious about giving tips to those who want to be good at tennis, the player could not help but be humorous at the same time. Jokingly, he said, "Choose your hat wisely" while using the hashtag tennis at home.

Fans of all ages from all over the world were quick to respond to his call and shared videos of themselves practicing the drill in their own homes. In turn, the athlete responded with humorous commentaries. 

One fan who was doing the drill wearing a cowboy hat lost control of the ball almost immediately. In the caption, the fan wrote, "I guess the problem is the hat."

Federer responded with a laughing emoji and wrote, "good try, though."

In his attempt to put tennis enthusiasts in a lighter mood despite the pandemic, Federer was not only able to provide helpful tips to tennis fans. He, in turn, has helped people cope up with what seems to be the "new normal" until people are able to win the battle against the coronavirus. 

Pro vs. Pro

On Instagram, Federer also posed the challenge to do the drill at home. One of the first to respond was his fellow tennis star, Novak Djokovic

"Good enough @rogerfederer?" Djokovic wrote atop the video of himself he posted on his Instagram Stories. In the video, he can be seen practicing the drill that Federer suggested. 

In response, Federer wrote back on his Instagram stories, "You've beaten me with that volley more than a few times, I don't think you need any tips."

Practicing at-home tennis was born from the challenge of staying at home to help flatten the curve to prevent the spread of the virus. 

The tennis legend also sent out words of encouragement to everyone while showing how he is staying fit and healthy even though he is at home for the quarantine. 

"I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Stay positive. Keep active. Support one another. We will get through this together #stayhome," Federer wrote.

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