Madonna Heartbreak: Pop Star Reveals Death Of 3 Important People In 24 Hours


Madonna has been actively sharing her personal life on Instagram, as she continues to post bizarre video diary updates amid the coronavirus quarantine.

In her ninth entry for her "quarantine diaries," Madonna shared some sad news as she was sitting in front of a typewriter, in a darkened room with jazzy guitar music playing in the background.

"We can't always have a good day," Madonna mentioned as she prepared to work on her typewriter. "Technically it's past midnight, so we can kiss today goodbye."

Madonna Loses 3 Important People

The "Take a Bow" hitmaker then revealed that she lost three important people in her life. However, she was not able to explain if coronavirus was a factor.


"In the last 24 hours my cousin has died, my security guard's brother has died, and Orlando Puerta, a very important person who played a very important role in my life in terms of getting my remixes to chart on the dance charts, [which was] in large part due to Orlando's passion and commitment to my music," Madonna shared.

Puerta, a dance music promotions and marketing veteran from Warner Bros. Records, has reportedly passed away due to an upper respiratory infection. Although he was tested for COVID-19, results were not yet confirmed before he died.

Madonna also opened up about how this devastating situation affected her mood. "Let's just say that today wasn't a good day. I'm over it."

Tone-Deaf Bathtub Rant

Last month, the 61-year-old pop icon faced a wave of backlash after she was criticized for being insensitive for her preachy bathtub rant about the ongoing health crisis.

The "Like a Virgin" songstress was sitting in a milky bathtub full of rose petals as she echoed how coronavirus is society's "great equalizer."

She began her video by pointing out that COVID-19 does not care what social class you belong to or what contribution you did to the community.

"It's the great equalizer and what's terrible about it is that it's made us all equal in many ways," Madonna posted in her Instagram account.

It gained mixed reactions from the public, with some even branding her as tone-deaf for posting a pandemic rant while living in her multi-dollar mansion.

With this, raging netizens flocked on social media to voice out how this health crisis separates the rich from the poor, pointing out that only those from more affluent backgrounds will survive the outbreak.

According to reports, a total of 16 million people in the United States have lost their jobs in the past three weeks due to the pandemic.

Moreover, COVID-19 cases continue to rise as it surpassed 554,000 while death tolls have reached almost 22,000. 

Following this, the whole country is put under the disaster declaration, which is made to focus on emergency and to heighten awareness in hopes to prevent the spread of the dreaded virus.

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