Not Meghan Markle! Princess Beatrice the Selfish Royal During COVID-19 Crisis, Public Says

In the middle of coronavirus, the royal family is striving to show a unified and strong front, despite the social distancing they have to do with each other. However, the public finds one of the family members quite selfish.

For a while, the adjective "selfish" has been associated with either Prince Harry or Meghan Markle. NOT THIS TIME.

They think Princess Beatrice's desire to marry still - and marry lavishly - at this period in time, is just wrong. 

Understandably, Princess Beatrice is feeling sad about her wedding being "scandalized" repeatedly because of one reason after another. It's supposed to be a BIG day for her, but it appears jinxed or something. At first, it was her dad Prince Andrew's involvement with the Jeffrey Einstein scandal that is slowing down the wedding plans. Now the deadly coronavirus has completely thrown all wedding plans out of the window. 

The reason to delay Prince Beatrice's wedding is entirely unquestionable, because it is for the safety of everyone to delay the wedding as UK (and the world) fights COVID-19. Imagine what would happen if such large-scale social event were to take place, with so many of those who would be attending being in the so-called vulnerable years of age?

Princess Beatrice, 31, was set to get married in May to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. The grand reception was supposed to be at the Buckingham Palace. However, because of this COVID-19 pandemic, speculations have it that the wedding will be postponed indefinitely this year. That means the most plausible date would be 2021.

While all these delays and questions of whether she will ever get married is personally hurting the princess, the public just thinks it's even insensitive and nonsensical for this so-called lavish event to be talked about. One member of the public even hit out at Beatrice, claiming she's the one who's being the most selfish of them all - even just for having the thoughts of getting married when people are already dying from the virus and other people bearing the economic brunt of this crisis. 

According to Doreen from Essex, speaking on the Jeremy Vine Show, she's not worried about the royals being in isolation. Instead, her feelings are bordering on disgust for Princess Beatrice for wanting to get hitched in a "more expensive wedding when everyone is suffering." 

Another commentator shared, "I think a vast majority of the country think the Queen does a superb job. I'm interested in what the Queen says, I'm interested in what Prince Charles says, possible Prince William." However, beyond that, he no longer cares. He certainly does not care if Beatrice will get married this year, or ever. "Beyond that, I don't really care what they all say. I don't think anybody actually worries about Beatrice's wedding," he said.

He added that while it is sad that the supposedly joyous event for the princess will have to be postponed, she should just bear it like "thousands of other couples across the country who have had to postpone their weddings."

In fact, he cannot even see why people have to talk about her and her wedding so much since she's technically a private citizen because she's not one of the key royals. Ouch.

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