Meghan Markle may be back in Los Angeles, but she remains so near yet so far from her beloved mom.

Like millions of families all over the world, Meghan feels alone while in self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. A source claimed that her first few weeks back in Los Angeles have been difficult. 

A Double Blow

The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for Meghan Markle and her mother to get together. 

"Despite being back in her home city, this isn't the dream of returning home she'd imagined," a source said. 

The source added that the current world health crisis has made it impossible for Meghan to push through with her plans. 

"It's been a very isolating and lonely time for Meghan, who was desperate to get to her mum and have her be with her grandson, who she's missing desperately."

COVID-19 has particularly hit California hard, with the number of infected patients growing every day. It was the first state in the U.S. to issue statewide restrictions. The lockdown in the state has also been extended until May 15, which means that Meghan and Harry would not be able to celebrate Archie's first birthday with Doria. 

The source added that Meghan did not just plan to be close to her mom. She also wanted to celebrate their son's birthday with her. But with how things are because of the coronavirus, it seems Meghan will have to suffer yet another blow. 

Close To Mom

It has always been Meghan's dream to live closer to her mom, but the coronavirus pandemic shattered her plans. When their resignation from the royal family was finalized on March 31, the first thing she did was to fly closer to where her mom was.

Meghan, Prince Harry, and their son Archie flew to Los Angeles just before the U.S. and Canada closed their borders. 

However, upon their arrival, they were told that it would be too dangerous to be isolating with her mom Doria, so Meghan had to settle somewhere else. 

While Meghan may not be able to take care of her 63-year old mother like she wants to due to her celebrity status, she has always made sure that her mom does not feel alone. She checks up on her as often as she can. 

"Doria lives alone, which is a big worry for Meghan," the source added. The source also said that Meghan feels helpless despite her celebrity status. 

"Due to her high profile, she can't just nip over and drop in groceries, so she feels a sense of helplessness at being so close but not being able to be with her."

Meghan remains hopeful, though, that the lockdown would not take too long. 

"Meghan's praying it doesn't go on too long and has been checking in three to four times a day, as well as having staff on hand to deliver anything Doria needs to her home."

Meghan, Harry, and Archie had relocated to Los Angeles, California a few days before Canada and the U.S. decided to impose a lockdown and cancel all the flights. The pair have announced that they plan to use the lockdown to rethink their plans and refocus their goals. 

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