Royal Warning: Prince Charles Putting Monarchy In Danger With SHOCKING Plan

As the future king of the U.K., Prince Charles has been ironing out his plans for years now. However, his main goal will not help the royal family in any way and might only harm the monarchy in the end.

Prince Charles, being the heir to the throne, previously unrolled his plan of slimming down the number of working royals.

With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's exit following Prince Andrew's decision to step down late in 2019, the total number of working royal family members have already decreased -- making Prince Charles' scheme more attainable now.

However, despite dedicating his life to pursue his life-long dream, the Prince of Wales is not actually doing any good and is only putting the monarchy in danger.

According to The Talko, the departure of three royal family members and further decreasing the working royals could truly tone down the risks of drama and scandals once Prince Charles takes over the throne. In return, however, it would increase the workload for those who remain under his reign.

Once Prince Charles becomes king, he plans to highlight only the works of those closer to the throne -- which include the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall.

But this kind of set-up would bring more pressure to everyone, most especially to Prince William and Kate Middleton.

What could make this plan worse is the fact that Princess Anne, who was hailed as one of the most hardworking royals despite being 14th in the line of succession, might be out of the limelight under Prince Charles' reign.

"In addition to an increased workload for William and Kate, this would risk alienating hardworking members of the Royal Family, including Princess Anne," the magazine stated.

Royal Family's Downfall?

To recall, the Prince of Wales already received a warning from royal expert Lydia Starbucks that he would risk the monarchy if he forced Queen Elizabeth II's only daughter to retire.

"She does support such a huge range of charities and organisations and she gives them a much higher profile," Lydia said shortly after Prince Andrew quit. "The thing is, were she to be taken out of the royal rota, they would lose a big percentage of the engagements they carry out every year."

There were times when Prince Charles only surpassed Princess Anne's achievements by just two or three engagements.

Meanwhile, royal commentator Brittani Barger jokingly asked the Royal Central news editor: "When Charles does ascend the throne, his calls for a slimmed-down monarchy and everything...should he keep Anne, working and everything?"

To this, Lydia answered with a definitive "yes".

Aside from these experts, even Prince Charles' parents -- Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip -- expressed their disapproval over the idea of slimming down the royal family members.

Last year, the Duke of Edinburg told his son that modernizing the monarchy is "harmful," and his plans to pursue this is making him "too political."

Moreover, Prince Philip went against his son's proposal to transform the Buckingham Palace into a "space for the nation," which meant there will be a need to relocate the royal family's base to Windsor Castle.

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