The British royal family has been following a particular rule of succession since the beginning. However, Prince Charles allegedly once betrayed Queen Elizabeth II so that he could sit on the throne as soon as possible.

Talks about Queen Elizabeth II passing the crown to Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, have been making headlines over the past few years. Her Majesty will turn 94 soon, but she is still not giving any sign that she will finally let her son rule the monarchy.

Although the Prince of Wales has already publicly unrolled his plans for the monarchy as if he was sure that the Queen would abdicate soon, he has actually been waiting for that event to happen decades ago.

Way back in 1998, an ill-judged press release from his household revealed that the heir to the throne would be "delighted" if the Queen could step down as soon as possible.

Veteran royal correspondent Robert Jobson explained the ruckus further through his 2006 book "William's Princess".

"In November 1998, a person never identified was responsible for a spectacularly misguided attempt to burnish Charles' reputation and enforce his position as heir to the throne," Jobson said.

He added that the blunder made by a St. James' Palace aide only sparked Queen Elizabeth II's outrage, pushing an embarrassed Prince Charles to the corner.

Queen Elizabeth II and the members of the royal family could have just referred to it as an act of defamation against Prince Charles. However, the news came from a source close to the heir to the throne, and he could have just kept the information to himself.

"This was an act of treachery as far as the Queen was concerned," Jobson then concluded.

Queen Elizabeth II pledged during the official coronation ceremony that she will serve the monarchy as long as she can.

Even Margaret Rhodes, Queen Elizabeth II's first cousin, once told PEOPLE that Her Majesty planned to offer her entire life serving the monarchy.

If that is the case, then Prince Charles should forget about holding a celebration, as Her Majesty quitting as long as she lives will not happen.

Prince Charles Tried To Clean The Mess?

When the misguided document surfaced, the heir to the throne was on an official royal engagement in Bulgaria. However, the distance did not stop the Queen from contacting him.

Prince Charles claimed that he had no idea about it, but he agreed to release a joint statement with his mother, in which he would point out his "abiding admiration and affection for the Queen".

It also rubbished the theory that he was too interested in the idea of Queen Elizabeth II abdicating.

"Prince Charles insisted that if any of his staff had been guilty, heads would roll," the royal correspondent said. "Whatever Buckingham Palace suspects, the investigation proved nothing, and nobody was hung out to dry."

Aside from that, Jobson also recalled how the Prince of Wales reacted to the news, saying that he saw how Prince Charles' then-press secretary, Sandy Henney, expressed an ashened face.

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