5 Facial Wax Strips to Try While You Quarantine and Stay Safe

Facial Wax

Although quarantine orders in most part of the world are still up, you should not turn your home into a cave where you can let your shaggy facial hair grow freely.

Since you cannot go to any beauty salon right now to have them fix your "getting messy" facial hair, maybe you have already tried using a blade or a razor to clean that happy trail once again. Perhaps you have also plucked them off one by one until you could not feel your face anymore.

But here's the good news: instead of risking your skin with those metals and spending so much time and effort to get rid of that pesky hair, you can use wax strips!

To give you a better idea of wax strips and how it can help you solve your hairy problems, we listed five wax strips that you can easily purchase from Amazon!

Nad's Facial Wax Strips

Nad's Facial Wax Strips
(Photo : Nad's on Amazon)

Surprise your neighbors with your flawless and hair-free face by using these facial wax strips from Nad's!

In just a snap, you can achieve your before-quarantine look again and enjoy it for up to four weeks. Each strip is weaved using paper technology and natural beeswax, making it suitable even for people with sensitive skin.

In addition, using the strips regularly can help you slow down the growth of your facial hair. Truly ideal during quarantine!

Veet, Ready-To-Use, Facial Hair Remover Strips

Veet Face Wax Strips
(Photo : Veet on Amazon)

Veet is indeed one of the most popular brands out there. Their ready-to-use remover strips contain wax technology, which can give you the best results at first application.

Formulated with shea butter, it instantly grips even the shortest hairs on your face and removes them from the roots.

Even though it has regular size compared to other strips, it can be perfectly used to attain precise application on any part of your face like your upper lip, cheeks and chin.

GiGi Facial Honee Hair Removal Wax for Delicate Skin

Gigi Facial Honee
(Photo : GiGi on Amazon)

Have you ever heard of a hair removal wax that can unclog your pores at the same time? Well, you can experience the power of two in one product with Gigi's Facial Hair Removal Wax!

This proven-effective removal wax can gently remove even your hardest, unwanted facial hair while getting rid of your skin's impurities as well.

Once removed, you will see your silky smooth skin again without a hassle.

Parissa Wax Strips Assorted Sizes

Parissa Hair Removal System

(Photo : Parissa on Amazon)

With Parissa's Wax Strips, you can remove your hair in different areas (including your bikini area!) in just a few seconds. Just press it on, zip-off, and voila: no more unwanted facial hair!

Each pack contains strips in assorted sizes, so you can choose what is the best for each area you want to apply it on. The strip can hold your stubborn hairs and lift them out from the root, leaving you silky smooth for up to eight weeks!

Vidasleek's Hard Wax Strip

VidaSleek's Hard Wax Kit
(Photo : VidaSleek on Amazon)

This naturally made wax strip from Vidasleek will not require you to prepare paper strips anymore.

By just putting it inside your microwave and heating it for one to two minutes, you can easily remove your short, coarse hairs around your face, underarms and bikini area.

Their Hard Wax also contains the most essential ingredient for a strip: plant-based Chlorophyll. This element serves as a natural anti-inflammatory that instantly soothes and calms your skin after pulling off the hairs!

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