5 Hydrating Body Scrubs and Exfoliators for Dry Skin

Whether it is winter or not, your skin need moisture and vitamins. Fortunately, there are several body scrubs and exfoliators that guarantee to put an end to your battle against dry skin.

No one wants to suffer from irritating dry skin, really. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that cause skin to dry -- such as medications and air pollution.

The said possible causes cannot be controlled, and dehydrated skin can be your worst skincare enemy to beat. However, you can still put an end to your dry and stretchy skin by adding these Amazon products to your routine.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub Tropical Mango

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub Tropical Mango
(Photo : Tree Hut - Amazon)

This chemical-free, 100 percent shea sugar scrub from Tree Hut gently exfoliates, cleanses, and protects your skin after one use.

With its other oil-based ingredients (oils from safflower seed, avocado seed, and macadamia seed), you can surely see how your dry, cracked skin can transform into a healthier one with a noticeable glow.

If you are one of those people who are not into fruity scents, fret no more as this product produces a tropical mango scent that you will surely love.

Alba Botanica Revitalizing Sea Salt Hawaiian Body Scrub

Alba Botanica Revitalizing Sea Salt Hawaiian Body Scrub

(Photo : Alba Botanica - Amazon)

Do you want to witness the power of cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating in one bottle? Good thing Alba Botanica made it possible for you!

Alba Botanica Revitalizing Sea Salt Hawaiian Body Scrub will no longer let you drink gallons and gallons of water just to get rid of your rough skin. This product's sea salt can do the job for you, as it easily scrubs off your dead skin and leavesit smoother and with a younger-looking glow.

It can also detoxify your body with its hydration-providing ingredients -- jojoba, avocado, and sweet almond oils.

Dove Exfoliating Body Scrub

Dove Exfoliating Body Scrub

(Photo : Dove - Amazon)

Turn your home into a spa and treat yourself with a relaxing day with Dove Exfoliating Body Scrub.

Formulated with 1/4 moisturizing cream, this body scrub can moisturized and bring a healthy glow to your skin in just a scoop. In addition, Dove makes your skin renewing process a little easier now with the help of its all-new nourishing power.

Not to mention that it boasts top-notch fragrance, thanks to is macadamia and rice milk.

Amire Dragon Fruit Jelly Exfoliating Body Scrub Polish

Amire Dragon Fruit Jelly Exfoliating Body Scrub Polish

(Photo : Amire - Amazon)

Amire, the company behind this Dragonfruit Jelly Scrub, got inspired with pitaya and ended up making one of the best body scrubs in Amazon.

This polish offers you a jelly-like texture that helps you regenerate your skin by keeping it hydrated throughout the day. Once you scrub it onto your body, you are guaranteed to get the glowing and brightened up skin that you always wish for.

Amire Dragon Fruit Jelly is also made to help your skin defend itself from free radicals. Each bottle has enough antioxidant compound that removes your skin's risk of getting more damage.

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub 

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

(Photo : Frank Body - Amazon)

Coffee is not always meant to be served in a cup since you can use it as a scrub, too!

Frank Body formulated this 100 percent natural coffee scrub that aims to stimulate your blood flow while hydrating your skin. They also added Vitamin E to each bottle to help heal your scars in no time.

This is an ideal product for those who are suffering from breakouts, thanks to its sea salt that aids in fighting against various skin problems.

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