DIY Haircut During Lockdown? Get These 5 Best Haircutting Tools First

With salons and barbershops closed down because of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people in home quarantine are taking matters into their own hands by cutting their own hair at home. 

Do you need a "quarantrim"? 

It is now a common term that is used by those who need proper haircutting or trimming while in quarantine.

Does your hair look so bad right now, and you're 90% convinced that you need to trim it? 

Here are some tips for tackling unruly hair so you will look good the next time you're in a Zoom video conference or a Google Hangouts Meet. 

Watch YouTube videos on how to cut hair for beginners. 

If you're quarantining alone, your best friend is YouTube. There are a ton of videos that will give out tutorials that will show you how to cut your own hair. 

Women's fringe is a common problem. 

Use a hair clip to keep your fringe away from the face and the eyes. However, if you have a thin fringe, use haircutting scissors to trim its length slowly. 

For women with thick fringes, it's essential just to have the expert cut it. Otherwise, you'll end up with a bad haircut. 

No complicated cuts

When it comes to at-home haircuts, it's best to stick with a simple trim and leave the complicated stuff to the professionals.

Not confident of cutting your hair? 

Though you are 90% convinced, there's still that 10% that you're worried you're going to screw it up.

For men, resort to styling your hair with products such as gel, clay, mousse, or hairspray to comb your hair upwards for that nice, tidy look. 

For women, just use hair cream to neaten up the hair, or just tie it up in a bun or a ponytail so you can look presentable in video calls. 

Using the proper tools. 

Most people don't have the proper tools and kits available in haircutting at home. So it's crucial to have salon-worthy equipment to get a decent haircut.

High Quality Haircutting Scissors

 Make sure to only use high-quality scissors so it's easier to use and can provide a nice outcome once you're done with cutting your hair.

Haircutting Scissors
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For hairline ends, you may trim the hair by using a clipper, and by doing each part at least two times. 

Hair Clipper
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Big or Medium-Sized Mirror

To be able to see the progress you've made, you must have a clear view of what you're doing to your hair. Cutting your own hair is not easy, so the mirror is there to help you. 

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For men, an electric razor is essential to shave off the longer ends at the back of the head. Not a lot of men would want to shave it all off, though.

Haircutting Electric Razor
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Hair Mousse

Keep the hair in place with some hair mousse, gel, or hair spray. After cutting the hair, it's still essential to style their hair properly. 

Hair Mousse
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BONUS: Hair Conditioner

Give your mane some proper TLC after haircutting by using a hair conditioner once or twice a week. If you take care of your hair correctly, you'll be able to do things with it without having to cut it on your own.

Though your hair just needs that much-needed trim, it's only going to get worse before the pandemic is over. 

So just suck it up and wait it out until you can see a hairstylist near you.

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