Nick Cannon could not hold back anymore and threatened Eminem for allegedly talking behind his back.

The beef between the two rappers re-ignites after Cannon spoke about Eminem during his interview with Billboard.

The 39-year-old "If I Was Your Man" rapper slammed the 47-year-old Detroit native for continuously speaking behind his back. Nick revealed that he does not have any plan to tolerate those people like Eminem, who speaks ill of him.

"I think he knows better now," Cannon actor told the publication. "If he keeps talking about me, I'm gonna keep talking back."

His statement came after he was asked about their most recent quibble last year wherein the Eminem called him neutered and whipped during his special participation on Fat Joe's single "Lord Above".

"My response was his invitation to Wild 'N Out, and that still stands," Cannon said, looking so calm while defending himself after he got attacked.

"You gotta remember, I was defending myself once again," he went on. "He keeps bringing it up for decades. I'm one of those cats that matches energy. I don't do it - I overdo it."

Cannon then expressed how much Eminem's actions have been irritating him. He then went on to say that he has trained himself since high school not to hold back whenever someone is making fun of him.

Cannon Respects Eminem?

Surprisingly, the "Monster House" star revealed that he admires Eminem's work as a rapper and sees him as a great performer despite having on-and-off feuds with him over the years.

"If you've ever heard me speak on this matter," Cannon claimed. "I always give that dude his props as an icon in hip-hop."

He continued to change the atmosphere by explaining how Eminem's issues on institutional racism were typical move when he became "a guest" in the hip-hop community.

Cannon's claim was so rare and new since he has been clashing with the former member of the hip-hop group D12.

To recall, the "Get Crunk Shorty" hitmaker attacked Eminem through his three fault-finding music last year.

The trilogy of diss tracks -- "The Invitation," "Pray for Him," and "Canceled: The Invitation" -- directly criticized the "Defiant Ones" star. However, Eminem did not compose a solo track to answer the trilogy and instead roasted him on Twitter by writing: "I demand an apology Nicholas, you've made my gardener so jealous!"

The backstory started in 2009 when Eminem kept on declaring that he had a "history" with Mariah Carey, who married Cannon a year before the claims came to light.

Eminem even made Mariah his inspiration to his track "Relapse" in the same year, sparking rumors that he still had feelings for the Grammy Awardee.

Moreover, Eminem allegedly started the beef between him and Cannon through a song he included on his album "Bagpipes from Baghdad." In return, Cannon took to his blog to hold him accountable for his actions.

Years after their drama sprung out in public, Nick stated that Eminem apologized to him and invited him to have some fun already.

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