Despite contracting the life-threatening coronavirus disease, Tom Hanks got a good laugh after he received a hilarious advice.

Last March, Hanks revealed his battle against COVID-19 on Twitter after he and his wife, Rita Wilson, were tested positive for the virus while doing some pre-production work on a Baz Luhrmann film about Elvis Presley.

When it seemed like he was already losing his grip, his "Toy Story" co-star Tim Allen reportedly made sure to make him feel better by giving him some advice.

Allen sat for a virtual interview with Extra wherein he narrated how he gave the 63-year-old "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" actor a hilarious advice, which surely brought laughter amid the challenging time.

"I wrote him. I said, 'You should have worn the Buzz Lightyear protective suit and then you wouldn't have gotten in that trouble!" the 66-year-old actor told Extra's Billy Bush. He went on and hilariously acted as if he was covering his face with an imaginary space helmet.

Allen and Hanks were both included in the "Toy Story" cast, where they became the voices of the iconic characters Buzz Lightyear and Woody, respectively.

In addition, Bush said that upon hearing the story, he felt like it was extremely comforting for Hanks to share consistent updates regarding their symptoms and health status.

"He was just like you said," Allen seconded. "It's just like Hanks to be that way."

The two "Toy Story" actors have been friends for years now, and during their "Best Friends 4 Ever" Q&A video, they revealed that they are so close they do not need to catch up about each other anymore.

Wilson, Hanks Back In The Game!

Currently, Hanks and Wilson have already recovered from the disease and are sharing some moments again online.

For her part, Wilson recently marked her first-ever performance virtually at the NASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series Race.

Rita's 24-year-old son Truman Hanks recorded Rita's performance as she sang the National Anthem from their Los Angeles home to begin the eNASCAR event.

Meanwhile, Hanks recently gained a new penpal -- an 8-year-old kid named Corona -- who has been bullied because of his name.

"Coronavirus -- they kept on saying that, and I get really mad," Corona DeVries wrote on his letter to the actor. "I heard on the news you and your wife have caught the coronavirus. Are you ok?"

Hanks then sent a typewritten message to him, addressing his note to "Friend Corona" to thank him for checking them out and cheering him up.

"Thank you for being such a good friend -- friends make their friends feel good when they are down," the actor wrote. "I thought this typewriter would suit you. Ask a grown-up [about] how it works. And use it to write me back."

In the end, Hanks left a handwritten postscript: "You got a friend in me!" -- a nod to the title of the "Toy Story" theme song.

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