Kylie Jenner always pays careful attention to what both fans and critics say about her. This time, however, the reality star seemed to have had enough of her haters. 

A Smart Clapback

The Kylie Lip Kit inventor shared a video of herself and her 2-year-old daughter Stormi Webster. She was filming while carrying her baby girl around the house and alternately giggling and talking gibberish to Stormi. 

Along with the post, the star wrote in the caption: "A visual representation of how my friends are gonna have to drag me out the first party post quarantine."

But that was not all there is to it: Jenner also gave everyone a closer look at her new blonde highlights. Kylie shared with everyone her new hair color on April 24. She was standing outside her home so that all her fans could see the features of her bright blonde hair framing her beautiful face. 

A lot of her fans were quick to comment, saying that they love her 90s inspired look. Some have also expressed their admiration for how the young mom looked. However, there was one hairstylist who expressed her strong disagreement with what everyone said. 

In the video Kylie posted on Tuesday, the hairstylist wrote in the comment section: "Kylie, honey you need some blending on that hair."

The said comment received 6,000 likes on Instagram. It looks like a lot of online users also agree with her. 

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashian's" star, however, could not help herself. She had to respond to the comment. 

In response, Kylie wrote: "I know bitch it's been a long day".

It was the perfect clapback, showing that Kylie is just human like everyone else. It is also interesting to note that she did not deny the criticism, and instead, she just let everyone know that she deserves to be respected despite being a public figure.

Kylie is one of the OG queens of Instagram, and while being in the limelight puts her at the center of criticisms, it doesn't mean she can't protect herself and respond.

Another Episode

It was not the first time Kylie clapped back at an internet user for a negative comment left on her post. The founder of Kylie Cosmetics has always been a bit snarky at comments on social media. 

A few weeks ago, Kylie slammed online trolls who left comments criticizing her post-baby body. A Kylie fan page posted a throwback photo of the star, and an online user commented on the photo saying "wow, she's so skinny here."

Another Instagram user responded and wrote, "she was better."

The mother of one could not help herself and left a response for the online trolls who body-shamed her

"I birthed a baby," Kylie responded. 

Kylie Jenner is trying her best to juggle several roles, including being a mother to Stormi and managing her own business. And while commentaries are always welcome, like every other celebrity, Kylie wishes online trolls would be more positive during these challenging times. 

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