Kim Kardashian Sparks MASSIVE Concern Because Of Her Face!

Kim Kardashian recently sparked concerns among her fans after her "changed look" became too noticeable.

The Kardashians-Jenners undoubtedly made some preparations to look great for the newest season of their family TV series "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." However, Kim's current transformation was truly remarkable for the wrong reasons.

In the third episode of "KUWTK" Season 18 titled "Date My Daughter," the 39-year-old KKW Beauty mogul visited Scott Disick and helped him prepare before his speaking engagement.

While their conversation was certainly beneficial even to their viewers, a lot of fans took notice of Kim's face since "something was wrong with it."

A thread on Reddit dedicated to the KarJenners recently got active again after users shared what they felt upon seeing Kim's face.

"Kim is normally a very beautiful person, but good god does she look strange here," one user replied to a post with a screenshot of the scene. "A whole lotta blackfishing and too many invasive procedures going on here and it made me feel super uncomfortable to watch."

A lot of followers seconded the user's thoughts and shared their own opinion on the same thread.

"She's been looking worse and worse. Like when she smiles her face looks so stiff and she looks so unnatural," another one commented. "Also, her lips have been looking super huge and just unflattering lately. I don't know if it's the way they're lining her lips but it just looks ugly."

They also pointed out that the face of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" star looks "immovable" now before wondering how many plastic surgeries she underwent since the beginning of the show.

Kim And Her Plastic Surgery Journey

In 2010, Kim opened up about her enhancements after her bum became a hot subject of surgery speculations. Since then, she has also been very open about having botox and laser treatments.

However, many people have been insisting that she also got a nose job, to which Kim and her make up artist Mario Dedivanovic responded that it is just a result of contouring. Medical experts also claimed that the TV star's outstanding looks might be the fruit of numerous anti-wrinkle injections and fillers.

"Pictures, I swear, I look at them and would be like, 'Wow the bump looks so much bigger in some pictures than in others'," Kim said during one of her master classes with her makeup artist. She also shared the best tip in order to prevent facial lines: "Don't smile."

Back in 2016, the reality star confessed that she really got injections in her backside, but she also clarified that she only availed cortisone shots to help with her psoriasis.

"To me, it isn't plastic surgery." Kanye West's wife emphasized. "I never had my nose done. Everyone thought I did, and I said, 'Wait until I have kids' because your real features come out'."

Kim also once slammed some of her followers who accused her of getting surgeries to lose baby weight after she gave birth to North West. According to star, she had to eat right and exercise a lot to achieve it healthily, but her war of words against haters still did not stop there.

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