Meghan Markle has decided that her son, Prince Archie, will have a different upbringing compared to his cousins Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

A royal expert claimed that Prince Archie will be growing an "American child with an American Accent."

A Different Upbringing

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are finally trying to settle down in Los Angeles. When their resignation as senior members of the royal family was finalized on March 31, the couple soon made the move to the U.S. to pursue their plans of living a private and self-sustaining life.

This big move, however, does not only refer to their desire to be financially independent. It also means that their almost 1-year old son will be growing up in an American environment.

His exposure to the culture, habits, and traditions of America will most likely influence his choices as he grows up. Penny Junor, a royal author, claimed that Archie will be different from the rest of the royal children of his generation because of this. 

"He's in a different country so won't grow up around his extended family. Though the royals will be sad about it, they cannot do anything," Junor said.

He also claimed that Archie might even grow up like every other child of an American celebrity.  "He will grow up probably with a lot of security," he said.

On the other hand, the expert admitted that although the parents of Archie have relocated, it will not -- in any way -- affect the love and care that he will be provided with. In this interview with The Mirror, the royal author said that Prince Archie would receive a lot of love. 

"Harry is fiercely proud of his son. His birth has become a wish come true for the Duke of Sussex," Junor added. 

Certainly, both Prince Harry and Meghan will make sure that their child will receive all the love he deserves in this world. 

A Simple Birthday

The young prince will be turning one on May 6. Instead of a lavish celebration, Prince Archie will be celebrating his special day with his mom and dad. It will just be the three of them. 

The ongoing world health crisis has kept people from gathering together. This year, Prince Archie will be turning one with a rather intimate birthday party. 

"Meghan ­understandably refuses to take any risks with guests or travel," a source previously said.

While it is impossible for Prince Archie to be around his royal relatives soon, Junor believed that both Harry and Meghan will try to keep in touch with them on Archie's birthday. 

"On the day they will no doubt make many calls to family. They will have a ­lovely cake, too," Junor explained. 

She also said that the Queen might try to speak to them even while on self-isolation, but she is confident that Archie's grandfather, Prince Charles, will make a call. 

Meghan and Harry are expected to publicly celebrate Prince Archie's first birthday by releasing a picture of him on his natal day. However, little is known how the royal couple will be sharing a snap of Archie, as they are no longer allowed to access their "Sussex Royal" social media accounts. 

At the moment, the couple has yet to make a new social media branding for themselves. And while they may have admitted to the establishment of the Archewell Charity Foundation, they have since decided to put its launch on hold. 

For the time being, they are working with various charitable institutions to continue doing what they can to help everyone at this difficult time. 

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