5 Pocket-Sized Sanitizers To Bring When You ABSOLUTELY Have to Go Out

The coronavirus pandemic is not yet over. With that said, you have to stay protected in any way you can.

Fortunately, there are pocket-sized hand sanitizers that you can carry wherever they go -- ensuring that you stay clean despite all the threats amid the COVID-19 crisis.

People have already hoarded a lot of essentials after the news about the coronavirus pandemic boomed, and it made a lot of people empty-handed. Aside from home essentials, even alcohol and hand sanitizers are already out-of-stock, which is putting a lot of people at risk of catching COVID-19.

But here is the good news: you no longer need to check for stocks in the supermarkets near you because you can buy hand sanitizers delivered at your doorsteps real quick!

Make sure to grab one of these from Amazon so you can be safe while taking short trips outside your home.

Wish Hand Sanitizer Assorted Scents 

Wish Hand Sanitizer Assorted Scents

(Photo : Wish - Amazon)

If you are a fan of fruity scents, this set of three hand sanitizers from Wish is the best one for you!

Each bottle contains 70 percent ethyl alcohol, which is the right amount to keep you protected from disease-causing bacteria and virus. This will also not leave your skin dry, as Wish infused their products with Vitamin E and moisturizer that can keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer

(Photo : Babyganics - Amazon)

Made from plant-based ingredients, Babyganics' alcohol-free hand sanitizers can be safely used by your children wherever they want to go. What makes each bottle safe for use is that Babyganics' formulated their foaming hand sanitizers without the use of toxic chemicals like parabens, sulfates and artificial dyes.

If you have sensitive skin, worry no more as this will keep you protected from allergies and other skin-related problems.

Wish Hand Sanitizer Regular

Wish Hand Sanitizer Regular
(Photo : Wish - Amazon)

If you are a fan of Wish but do not like the scent of flowers and fruits, this regular hand sanitizer should be your choice.

Formulated with aloe scent, this regular hand sanitizer can already keep your family protected for weeks. What is great about this product is that it passed the Centers for Disease Control's guidelines and is undoubtedly safe to use by anyone.

BushKlawz Eco Finest 5 Pack of 2 oz Rinse-Free Alcohol Instant Hand Sanitizer

BushKlawz Eco Finest 5 Pack of 2 oz Rinse Free Alcohol Instant Hand Sanitizer

(Photo : Eco Finest - Amazon)

For people who want to get a hand sanitizer quickly, you should add BushKlawz Eco Finest Hand Sanitizer to your carts now. They promise to ship it to your address as quickly as possible.

If you are living within the U.S, they can guarantee that you will get the product in no time through their USA-based warehouse located in Georgia.

Each order of their Eco Finest BushKlawz includes five sanitizer gels that you can give away to your family members to keep them safe and healthy all the time. Each bottle is formulated with 75 percent ethyl alcohol -- which is more than the recommended amount of alcohol in hand sanitizers.

Although it is a few percentages higher, the amount of alcohol will not dry your skin. Instead, it will deeply moisturize it with Vitamin E.

Belleza Solution Hand Sanitizer Gel with 70% V/V Alcohol Based

Belleza Solution Hand Sanitizer Gel with 70% V/V Alcohol Based
(Photo : Belleza Solution)

For an all-in-one solution, Belleza Solution offers its most powerful hand sanitizer which you can use to clean your hand and sanitize your surroundings.

With its pocket-sized bottle, you can use it wherever you are, most especially when soap and water are not handy and available.

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