Whether you're getting your hair cut by an expert or you cut it at home with professional hair clippers, maintaining a haircut is part of everyone's reality. 

With the coronavirus lockdown that's making everybody stay indoors, with all barbers closed, how are you going to manage your hair? 

This will also be the right time to ponder if which is better - getting your hair cut by experts or by using professional hair clippers? 

Waiting for all barbershops to open and have a hair expert cut your hair will carry a higher price compared to purchasing your tools. 

This includes ordinary scissors to razor blades, to professional hair clippers. Such equipment is readily available at home and may even be used for other multiple uses. 

Professional hair clippers can be purchased online or at the stores, and their prices often vary from $5 and go way up to $100. Once you buy a good quality pair, it most likely would take a while before investing in other expensive equipment once again. 

Everyone can use hair cutting tools at home. But the level of complexity of each professional hair clipper ranges from one to another. 

Manufacturers of professional hair clippers indeed do their best to make sure their equipment to use. However, you still need to know the basics when it comes to holding it and moving it throughout the hair section. 

To achieve a professional haircut using professional hair clippers, you may need to get lessons from professionals, or even YouTube videos.

The challenge, however, is the evolving taste and style preference that keeps most of the professional barbers on their toes. 

Most professional hair clippers are created to provide an aesthetic touch to the overall finish. 

Using scissors and razors is more rigid and may not be able to maneuver around complicated hairstyles. 

Using professional hair clipper offers more advantages. However, you should be mindful of the criteria, such as considering how much time you would be prepared to upgrade your DIY skills, how much money you can spend on, and what, of course, what others are saying about specific professional hair clippers. 

If you want to neaten up your sides every so often or want a clipper that will give you a fresh bald cut, we've rounded up five of the best professional hair clippers for every hair woe. 

Hair Clippers for Men, Professional Hair Trimmer Set

(Photo : AMAZON)

This professional hair clipper is a complete option for all hair lengths and is ideal if you need to cut your kids' hair as well, because of its skin-friendly protector.

Don't worry about the rust on the blade because it won't happen with this pair. The coolest thing is it can even sharpen itself. So it's ready to use when the lockdown ends, and you need to keep that trim clean. 

Wahl Professional Black Peanut Hair and Beard Clipper Trimmer

(Photo : AMAZON)

Wahl's clippers are bombproof and complete of smart innovations like self-sharpening razors, sturdy combs, and an instantaneous motor that will make you feel like you're driving a Tesla in your hand. 

CEENWES Hair Clippers

(Photo : AMAZON)

The vital selling point of this clipper is that it's really quiet, so you're not going to be disturbing yourself or anyone else with the relentless buzzing. 

This is also great if your kids are included, as they won't be terrorized by the incoming quakes of a clipper looking to slice their hair away. 

Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

(Photo : AMAZON)

Users of this professional hair clipper appreciate that the blades of these are antimicrobial and remove easily for convenient cleaning. 

Though these hair clippers don't come cheap, the quality craftsmanship associated with the brand, and the ease of use and power of this tool, justified the price. 

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