Queen Elizabeth is remarkable. This is a known fact. However, the covid-19 crisis is bringing out a whole new level of effectiveness in her. The fact that Boris Johnson became indisposed for her a while could have been panic-inducing to the Queen, but the truth could not be farther from this. 

Speaking with Royal Rota podcast, royal expert Robert Jobson said that the Queen's leadership during the coronavirus virus is unprecedented and unexpected. He said that in the absence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Queen Elizabeth truly stepped up, as the rest of the royal family. 

Mr. Jobson shared, "You do feel that there has been a sense of leadership from the Queen." He added, "Whether that is coming from her, her people, or the Prince of Wales we do not know." 

While the Queen's performance as the monarch has never been questioned, Mr. Jobson said that the present performance is truly impressive. 

Watching the Queen address the country, which is followed by her husband, Prince Philip, was an interesting experience for Mr. Jobson. He described the experience as akin to watching the Queen leading a war. 

"I know it has been quite controlled and it is almost like a wartime experience," he said. 

He added that the message sent out by Prince of Wales was strong as well, even though not as strongly delivered as the Queen's.

Both have played a very important role, he says, more so with Boris Johnson being absent. This, of course, was not Johnson's desire. He was diagnosed with Covid-19 after all but has thankfully recovered. 

However, with the Queen's age, what she is doing for the country is no small feat. She turned 94 last month. 

Also, apart from her speeches and other activities to alleviate the suffering of the British people in these times, she made sure she downsized her own birthday celebrations. According to Mike Graham, who spoke with talkRADIO, the Queen certainly got the mood of the nation right by not celebrating her birthday the usual way.

Queen Elizabeth's resilience and strength can never be undermined. After all, she is, at present, Britain's longest-reigning monarch. She has worn the crown now for nearly seven decades. There had long been discussions of whether she should already step down and just let Prince Charles, her heir apparent, take over everything as the new King.

There were rumors that she'll do so when she reaches 95.

Her present performance - still so put together, and such a beacon of light in the middle of the crisis showed that age is nothing. She still has what it takes to rule, up until she decides Charles should get the crown.

If she steps down and still healthy, she can naturally spend her days like Prince Philip - productive and fulfilling, but away from duties and responsibilities. Prince Philip has retired from his public royal duties in 2017. He was already 96 at the time. For these three years, he was dividing his tie between Wood Farm and Windsor Castle, carrying on with his hobbies.

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