Disastrous Duchess? Meghan Markle Suffers Heavy Criticisms After HUMILIATING Court Case

Royal watchers have slammed Meghan Markle for continuously bringing disgrace to the royal family. This is after she lost the first round of her humiliating court case against The Mail on Sunday.

Last year, Meghan filed a lawsuit against Associated Newspapers for the five articles published by Mail Online and Mail On Sunday that allegedly made several derogatory statements against her.

Her accusations in her legal documents include the exploitation of her father Thomas Markle and tracking him down in Mexico, the baby shower issue, her relationship with Doria Ragland, the made-up reports about Prince Harry, and much more.

More than a year after she made her case, however, the first High Court battle ended up in favor of the Mail on Sunday -- giving Markle a severe blow in her fight against her privacy.

Because of this defeat, a lot of royal watchers and supporters called her out online for being an embarrassment and disaster for the royal family.

"Privacy? Meghan markle staged pap pics, planted positive fake stories!," one Twitter user said. The said basher also called Meghan "nuts" for pretending to be her own PR before.

Another one exclaimed: "She did this all on her own with her lies, gaslighting and manipulation. Markle [herself] is her own worst enemy and only has one person to blame."

Other netizens pointed out that the humiliating legal battle will soon push Meghan's team to ditch her and let her deal with her "frivolous" claims on her own.

Meghan's Shameful Battle

On April 24, a preliminary hearing was held remotely for Meghan's lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday and its parent company, Associated Newspapers. The root of Meghan's lawsuit was the publishing of her "private and confidential" letter to her father in August 2018.

David Sherborn, Meghan's representative, said that the tabloids "disclosed to the whole world the detailed contents of a private letter of a daughter to her father." Meghan's camp also claimed that the tabloids allegedly harassed Thomas Markle before manipulating him.

The lawyers for the U.K.-based publishers demanded for parts of the duchess' accusations to be removed. They argued that their motivation was "irrelevant to the claim for misuse of private information."

One week after the preliminary hearing, Judge Mark Warby dismissed some of the allegations made by Meghan and ruled in favor of Mail on Sunday.

"I agree that all three categories of the allegation should be struck out of the Particulars of Claim, and the Further Information about it. I also agree that passages of the Reply should be struck out," Judge Warby said in a statement.

The accusations that were dismissed include Meghan's assertion that the Mail on Sunday acted "dishonestly and in bad faith," as well as the allegations that they deliberately stirred up conflict between Meghan and her father, and had an agenda of publishing intrusive or libelous stories.

The judge also did not find the aforementioned allegations as a misuse of private information, copyright infringement, and breach of the Data Protection Act. Instead, Judge Warby called them irrelevant in ruling whether or not the U.K.-based publisher was guilty of the things that Meghan claimed.

However, he clarified that those things may still be revisited in the future if needed.

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