Boris Johnson sparked another health scare after recovering from COVID-19.

Earlier in April, Johnson was admitted to a hospital in London 10 days after he tested positive for coronavirus disease. He was moved to the intensive care unit the next day due to worsening symptoms.

Fortunately, the prime minister recovered one week after he received treatment for the disease.

However, people started to worry again after Johnson failed to attend eight coronavirus press briefings since he returned to Downing Street.

He previously marked his comeback in one public appearance last Thursday, so his sudden absence again made some people to speculate whether his return was too abrupt.

One netizen said, "Where is Boris Johnson? Are his tweets supposed to suggest he's still around? Most PMs do their own press briefings, answer questions, appear in Parliament. Nop. No sign. Absent again without leave."

Although some people shared how the prime minister is frequently absent at critical times, some suggested that since he had a severe near-critical case of coronavirus, it will require him to have a long recovery.

"He is not physically or emotionally able to work," another one wrote.

PM Still Breathless?

During his first and only briefing after his COVID-19 treatment, a lot of people questioned Johnson's health after he seemed to be breathless while participating in the event.

"Boris Johnson sounds really unwell and short of breath," one netizen said before getting seconded by other commenters. Some people also took note that he might just be nervous of his first appearance since he recovered from the disease.

Meanwhile, Radio presenter James O'Brien expressed how Johnson "looked so breathless and not making any sense" before suggesting that the Prime Minister should take more time off.

Despite recuperating, there are fears that the prime minister is still developing from long to medium-term psychological problems caused by the virus.

"There does seem to be an added element with this disease - viral fatigue is definitely a huge factor," explained Paul Twose, critical care physiotherapist at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. "We do know patients take a considerable period, potentially months, to recover."

Even Dr. James Gill, a lecturer at Warwick Medical School, echoed the same sentiment and revealed that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in most severe patients like Johnson is not unsurprising.

"There will be significant psychological scars for many," Dr. Gill went on.

Currently, No10 has not commented on whether the prime minister is still suffering from any mental or physical side effects of COVID-19.

PM Broke Social Distancing Rules!

Although he just got back as the U.K. enters the second peak of the pandemic, Boris Johnson got slammed after he reportedly broke the rules and continued to shake hands before he was tested positive for the dreaded disease.

On Tuesday, the U.K.'s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies revealed that Johnson's team has advised avoiding "greetings such as shaking hands" since March 3. However, the prime minister continued to break the social distancing rules in multiple incidents in the days that followed.

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