Kylie Jenner Fears: Mogul Listing Down Cosmetic Procedures To Get After the COVID-19 Quarantine?

Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery

Is Kylie Jenner desperate to get under the knife once again once this coronavirus pandemic ends?

According to news magazine NW, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul has reportedly been gaining weight ever since the California mayor has issued a stay-at-home order.

The report also revealed that Kylie dubbed this as a "beauty emergency," and has been counting the days until she'll be able to meet up with her plastic surgeon.

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star had reportedly finally achieved her dream body and face through several nips and tuck procedures in the past. But now, because of the global crisis, Kylie's plastic surgeon's hard work in the past is all ruined as Kylie has been eating a lot of unhealthy food with her daughter Stormi.

The outlet claims that the youngest self-made billionaire also thinks she looks "unrecognizable," after a candid photo of Kylie recently surfaced where she looked makeup-free and extra casual.

Several news outlets were able to publish that particular photo that showed Kylie out and about visiting her friend wearing only tie-dye sweatpants and her hair in a messy bun, something that the fans are not so adept at seeing of her.

A supposed onlooker told NW, "It's like her whole face has been deflated. Her hair is all greasy and unkempt too. I'm surprised she left the house at all looking like that with her face all saggy."

The onlooker continued, "She'd hate for her loyal makeup brand followers to see her now," and further revealed that Kylie Jenner has reportedly gained a couple of pounds.

Because Kylie is allegedly "terrified" of being seen once again, the reality star is planning what some of the things she needs to be done for her body are and have already made a list.

"Kylie's making a list of what she plans to get done when all this is over, and a full-face tightening is at the top."

The source further continued, "She'll likely get the whole kit and caboodle once her doctor starts retaking her calls."

And knowing the lip kit creator, she is also likely to get a new set of full lips to go with her latest plastic surgery procedures.

NW's source also claims that Kylie has been photoshopping all of her photos before publishing them on her Instagram for all 160+ million followers to see, and have even opted to post "old" pictures of her when she looked "hotter."


However, according to Gossip Cop, the entire thing is false.

Gossip Cop reports that Kylie's face "is not deflated," as seen on the photo that circulated on the internet, but instead, she wasn't wearing any makeup.

Kylie Jenner, along with her sisters Kim Kardashian West, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner, are famous for using a contouring technique to shade and highlight different features on their faces, which would make a lot of dramatic difference on before and after pictures.

As for the speculation that Kylie is excited to go under the knife and be with her plastic surgeon, Gossip Cop alleged that there's no substantial evidence in the allegation.

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