Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are presently in LA, and while having each other is well and good, a new report is claiming that Markle is so much better off in their present circumstances than her husband. This is because she has something he does not have - support group!

Prince Harry left his whole life back in the UK, which means his friends and family are no longer as accessible as in the past. Meanwhile, being in LA gives Meghan Markle the chance to be with all her "support" group. Now, Harry has to contend to be surrounded in all sides by the so-called "Team Meghan" at their new home, as revealed by Daily Mail.

The two have recently moved into a star-studded Beverly Hills home, and in this vast £14.5million villa, their neighbors include some of the Duchess of Sussex's closest friends. Meanwhile, as pointed out by the news outlet, it is only just a few days ago when Prince Harry reportedly lamented the fact that he misses the Army and his friends there. Not only is he homesick, he's surrounded by people he does not necessarily know or care about.

Included in this support group are Meghan's long-time friends, including Heather Dorak, Abigail Spencer, and Benita Litt, among others. She is also close to her mother, Doria Ragland. Prince Harry's friends are allegedly worried that he would now be reliant on Meghan Markle's circle of confidantes for support when in reality, he is missing his own friends back home.

It can be remembered that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, including their son baby Archie just moved to a villa so vast from Canada.

It is now reported to be owned by Tyler Perry, 50.

He is the Hollywood income once hailed to be the highest-paid man in the world of Entertainment. The villa boasts of 8 bedrooms, 14 acres, and maximum exclusivity and safety. It sits on top of a hill within the exclusive Beverly Ridge Estates gated community.

They have not purchased the property, though, nor rented it. According to Page Six, they are merely house guests, while the actor and comedian Mr. Perry is presently 2000 miles away in Atlanta, Georgia. The two were reportedly fetched by Mr. Perry's private jet from their previous house in Canada to LA.

This secret flight is the answer to the question of why such a big move from Canada to LA can be made so quickly and without the public hearing about it. People just woke upto the news that they are already in Hollywood and set to carry out charity work. An insider said: 'It was a well-planned operation that appears to have worked perfectly."

Another close friend of the Duchess within the vicinity is the renowned Serena Williams. The two had revealed how close they are last year when Markle was repeatedly caught in some controversy after another, and Williams kept making comments of support. Meghan's "bestie" Pilates instructor, Heather, live just as close.

It remains to be seen if Prince Harry can make friends of his own, be close to Meghan Markle's friends, or keep missing his old pals back home.

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