Prince Charles was immensely worried about his son Prince William when he was entering university. As a result, he gave him some really solid and stern warnings to remind him that his actions would not only be judged by himself or his family, but by the entire nation. 

According to a veteran royal reporter, Robert Jobson, while other students only have to fret over what their friends are saying or what their parents if they were to find out the things they are doing in college, William was warned that the consequences of his actions are going to be far worse.

Prince Charles warned him that he should be get into trouble or controversies in colleges; he also had to contend with what the nation might make of him

He was not particularly called to be a good boy. Instead, he was told to be discreet and warned that he should choose his friends wisely. According to the expert, Prince Charles would have provided William with several ground rules. 

"The ground rules, he said, were very simple: no drugs, no getting caught in compromising positions with girls, no kissing in public, no excessive drinking and no giving his bodyguards the slip," the expert surmised.

"Charles warned his son in solemn tones about the dangers of falling in with the wrong girls and of the excruciating consequences of being caught on the wrong end of a kiss-and-tell sting," he added. 

The expert also revealed that "His time at Eton had taught William all about the birds and the bees. Now it was down to Charles to give an extra-curricular tutorial on the honey-trap." 

Prince Charles was worried that Prince William might attract a certain type of female that should be avoided as much as possible.

Prince Charles should not have worried. Prince William proved that he would not be harmed while in college. More so, before his college stint, he has already revealed that he is quite wise in reading strangers.

Moreover, despite the warnings provided by Prince Charles, William did not suffer from being taken advantage of by irrational, gold-digging women.

Instead, it was in college when Prince William was able to attract the attention of his present wife, Kate Middleton. 

Since they shared similar halls of residence at St. Andrews, they quickly became friends.  It would be some time before their romance blossomed, although William had been Kate's top crushes, as her school friends adorably shared. 

Jessica Hay, Kate's friend, said that whenever they talk about boys at school, Catherine would say that she did not like anyone because they are all a bit rough. However, she would quickly follow it up with "there's no one quite like William."

It was apparent that she liked him, although she certainly did not envision herself becoming the Duchess of Cambridge one day. Even though they were already dating, they would take 10 years before making it to the aisle. 

Hay added that Kate had a picture of William on her wall. The picture was supposed to show William and Prince Charles fishing, but Kate cut Prince Charles off. 

Kate reportedly said that Prince William looks kind.  

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