Insensitive! Kim Kardashian Blasted Over Exhausting, Inconsiderate Instagram Posts

Kim Kardashian, despite being a powerful media personality, continues to get slammed over her insensitive social media posts.

Last year, Kim successfully pushed the Armenian Genocide bill to congress. In just one day, the House approved the resolution that recognizes and remembers the fallen Armenian victims. The vote ended with the result of 405-11 in favor of the bill.

The KKW beauty mogul has been an advocate of the Armenian genocide recognition since her late father, Robert Kardashian Sr., was a descendant of the Armenians who came to the United States in the 1900s.

She continued to advocate for her ancestral home that on April 24 this year, she dedicated several Instagram posts for the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. She posted snaps from the genocide and narrated a short story of the tragic holocaust.

"These are my ancestors," Kim wrote that time. "They were starved, raped, & slaughtered... Today we remember the Armenian genocide so that no race, religion, or group, is ever subjected to anything like this ever again."

Part of the Armenian Genocide Bill is to allow Armenian compatriots to commemorate the killings of over 1.5 million Armenians by Turkey's Ottoman Empire in the early 1900s as a genocide. 

However, while most of her fans did not have a problem with the 39-year-old star's way of commemorating it, some of them called her insensitive for following it with promotional posts for her makeup company.

"Does anyone else feel that her Instagram story currently seems a bit insensitive? It goes from posting about the Armenian Genocide (which I have no problem with, of course, I think it's good she posts this stuff) straight into makeup promotion," one fan wrote on Reddit.

The follower pointed out that she could have waited for 24 hours until the Armenian Genocide posts disappear before promoting her brand again.

"Stories go away after 24 hours, I think that's a perfectly reasonable amount of time to wait before posting makeup ads," another one wrote.

Kim Always Posts At The Wrong Time?

It was not the first time that the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star has been called out over her social media updates.

In March 2020, she announced on her Instagram that she would be donating a million dollars to help fight COVID-19, but she segued that they would be restocking and selling her company's product to support the donation drive.

"On Monday, we will restock the collection we first launched with, and in doing so, be able to help bring relief to those affected by this pandemic," Kim wrote in one update.

In another post, she repeated the same pledge and said, "In restocking, SKIMS will be able to help bring relief to those affected by COVID-19 with our commitment to donate $1M to support mothers and children during this difficult time."

Her way of extending her helping hand overshadowed the good deed. In return, she ended up getting slammed for being insensitive and "unnecessary," considering her worth is more than a million dollars.

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