Lori Loughlin is reportedly worried about how the case against her would turn out. A judge tossed out her request to drop the charges against her in the College Admissions Scandal.

College Admissions Scandal

The actress requested the court to drop all charges filed against her involvement in the much-publicized college admissions scandal. However, the judge handling her case did not grant her request. 

On Friday, the U.S. District Judge Nathaniel Gorton rejected the bid of the defense to drop the indictment over the misconduct of several FBI agents. In addition, the judge also declined their attempt to keep the prosecutors from presenting recorded phone calls during the trial. 

A source close to the actress admitted that Loughlin was surprised by the judge's ruling over her requests. It looks like the actress is in much deeper trouble in the College Admissions Scandal than she realizes. 

"Lori is convinced she did nothing wrong and wasn't expecting the judge to side against her," the source said. 

However, despite this legal setback, the 55-year-old actress does not have any plans of taking back her not-guilty plea, the source added. 

"She strongly believes that [bribery scam ring-leader Rick] Singer misrepresented himself and because she thought he'd acted on behalf of the school, she feels she is innocent."

The insider continued on to say that Loughlin never imagined herself in the situation she is currently in. The source revealed that the actress has likened her circumstances to "a bad dream she can't wake up from."

"Lori is determined to prove her innocence and she won't back down," the source added.

However, the source revealed that the ruling made Loughlin a bit nervous. She fears the ruling, in the end, might not be in her favor.

It is worth noting, however, that the actress is not embarrassed by how her indictment turned out. In fact, she has been trying to stay strong amid all the controversies surrounding her and her family at the moment. 

"But she works very hard to hide her fear from her daughters," said the source. 

"The girls are following their parents lead," explained the insider. However, it is also what caused Lori's friends to worry even more. 

"Lori's friends are very concerned that in trying to protect her daughters that they might just be misleading them to believe it's an easy win. They worry the girls will be unprepared for the verdict because they trust their parents and it's in no way cut and dry."

Staying Safe

The source reassured that Lori Loughlin and her family are safe in quarantine despite the stressful situation they are in. 

"[Loughlin and her family] are still socially distancing together and, for the most part, have tried to separate themselves from anything related to the scandal," the source emphasized. 

On the other hand, Loughlin's daughters continue to live their lives as normally as they could. 

"[Her daughters] Olivia and Bella are happy and have been staying with [Olivia's boyfriend] Jackson [Guthy]. Olivia and Jackson are happier than ever and they even started a family by adopting a puppy."

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