When former Hollywood golden couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had a shocking split up in 2005, rumor has it that it was Brad's fault as he cheated on Jennifer with Angelina Jolie. 

Brad and Angelina met and worked closely together at the set of their blockbuster movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," and after a year, the Brad-Jen tandem fell apart. 

Fast forward to 15 years and a divorce to Angelina, Brad and Jennifer are reportedly rekindling their romance in a lowkey manner. However, it looks like history will repeat itself, as the 56-year-old actor is said to be having an affair with yet another fellow actress while rebuilding his relationship with Aniston.

Secret Sleepover

While Brad and Jen are reportedly spending more time together recently, the other woman being linked to Brad is believed to have a secret sleepover in one of the actor's mansion.

It was on April 18 when actress Alia Shawkat was spotted entering Brad's house. It is believed that Shawkat has not returned home since then. 

"Brad and Alia have been practically inseparable in recent weeks - they're more serious than anyone realizes," an insider told In Touch Weekly.

The insider explained that Brad and Alia started as friends who found common ground with their love for art. However, after spending more time together, the duo's closeness developed into something more profound. 

"Brad can't believe he's found someone so smart, down-to-earth, normal, quirky, and funny. She's constantly surprising him, and she's always making him laugh," the source revealed.

"They have art, architecture, and films in common, but he loves her beauty, inside and out, and her wacky outlook on life."

The source also claimed that Alia is seriously interested in Brad's personality and does not care about his fame and money. 

Brad-Jenn No More?

According to the same source, the "Friends" alum is very much aware that Brad and Alia are spending time together, and she is said to be devastated about it. 

The source explained that Brad and Jen have a lot of history and baggage, which is why the actor is not sure if their relationship can go even further. 

"She may be the perfect girl next door, but those close to Brad know edgy, cool girls like Alia and Angelina are more his type," the source added. 

Brad-Jen Reunion

Earlier this year, the ex-husband and wife had a historical reunion at the 26th Screen Actors Guild Awards. The two were photographed having a pleasant exchange at the backstage after receiving their respective awards.

Brad won the Best Supporting Actor for "Once Upon A Time in Holywood," while Jen won the Best Female Actor in a Drama Series award for Apple TV's "The Morning Show."

A source told Entertainment Tonight that the 51-year-old Jen and 56-year-old Brad started talking and have been friends since their respective relationships ended in 2017 and 2016, respectively. 

However, they only hang out occasionally and casually (meaning with other people around) since Jen is being careful to be photographed with Brad to avoid sparking left and right rumors. 

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