Jennifer Aniston is so done with this global pandemic that she had to post a savage throwback photo that a lot of people can surely relate to.

On Friday (May 8), the Hollywood A-list actress took to Instagram to give a ferocious message to the novel coronavirus, which has been messing up the whole world for a few months now.

The 51-year-old actress posted a throwback photo of herself giving the camera a death stare and flashing off her middle finger.

"Dear Covid...⁣ You can kindly F@!k off now thank you BYE," Jennifer wrote with a wave, middle finger, and sad face emojis.

The Instagram entry, which now gained more than 6.3 million likes, also earned applause from the actress' friends and followers.

Jennifer's fellow "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow simply gave her a three applause emoji, while Michelle Michelle Pfeiffer said that she shares the same sentiments with Jenn.

The throwback photo where Jennifer was wearing a grey tank top and orange parachute pants is believed to be taken in Los Angeles back in 1998.

It is said that a paparazzi following Jennifer and her now ex-husband Brad Pitt took the photo. The photographer caught them while in the middle of a fight, which explains why the actress looked like she just cried on the said photo.


Jennifer Aniston Bored On Quarantine

Aside from giving the coronavirus a fierce message, the "The Morning Show" actress also shared a typical day in her life while in isolation.

In her Instagram Story, Jenn showed her 33.2 million followers that, just like the rest of us, she is also bored AF in her house in California.

In the short clip she shared on Wednesday, Jennifer could be seen watching her laundry spin while listening to the perfect background music, Tyga and Curtis Roach's "Bored in the House."

The actress also revealed some fun moments as she took one of her dogs for a walk outside the garden of her $21 million mansion.

In a series of Instagram Story videos, Jennifer showed her fun side as she played with her pet while the song "Dog" from the animated children's series "Big Block Singsong" played in the background.

Dream Come True

Although being stuck/safe at home for 24/7 could be boring for Jenn, it could be recalled that she once said that staying at home is something that she actually enjoys.

While others are struggling while confined in the comforts of their home, Jennifer admitted that she is totally managing it well.

"I'm a born agoraphobe. This is kind of a dream," Aniston said in a virtual interview with "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last April.

"Not a dream, it's obviously a nightmare. But, me personally, it's not been that much of a challenge."

Jennifer explained that the challenging part for her is watching the news and trying to absorb everything that is happening to the world right now.

And just like the rest of the people stuck at home, Jennifer Aniston also used some of her free time reorganizing her house and finding a new love for washing the dishes.

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