Goodbye, Queen? Why Queen Elizabeth II SHOULD Pass The Throne To Prince Charles

The coronavirus pandemic seemed to have given Queen Elizabeth II a valid reason why she should give the throne to Prince Charles already.

At present, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are staying at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, England where they placed themselves in quarantine together.

This has caused Her Majesty to push the core members of the royal family -- Prince Charles, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, and Kate the Duchess of Cambridge -- to cover and do some of the royal duties for her while she is away.

Although the coronavirus continuously affects the world, the Queen still carries on with a number of royal duties by making adjustments to her schedule.

However, with the prolonged lockdown period, the Queen might have no choice but to make the Prince of Wales step in for her for a couple of months or years -- or perhaps, permanently.

Why Queen Elizabeth II Should Decide Now

Her Majesty is now 94 years old and her health should be her top-most priority, especially since there is no vaccine yet to protect her from the dreaded virus. Besides, her health seems to be deteriorating over the past years.

Earlier this year, the Queen showed her concerning health condition after she canceled an engagement at the Women's Institute. Medical experts said at that time that Queen Elizabeth II was only suffering from a common cold. However, it could have gotten worse if it was left untreated.

It only means that the early signs of the coronavirus disease can already be life-threatening to the Queen.

Even Pharmacist Shamir Patel, founder of Chemist 4 U, told that Queen Elizabeth II's previous condition was not something to be shrugged off. According to him, it might lead to "something more serious," most especially since she is not any younger.

"When your body is young, fit, and healthy, it's often no problem to fight off a light cold, but in an elderly person, it poses a higher risk," Patel explained. "A common cold can last much longer, and is also more likely to lead to something more serious."

If ever Queen Elizabeth II catches a cold, treating it properly as soon as possible is the best way to take care of her overall health since it will minimize the possibility of a complication to occur.

If worse comes to worst, it is possible for a cold to turn into pneumonia, which is one of the leading causes of death among seniors. Aside from pneumonia, it can also lead to asthma, heart disease and COPD.

The COVID-19 is not going away soon, with the U.K. currently ranked fourth among countries that have the highest number of coronavirus cases. It means that it would be too risky for the Queen to start meeting people other than those who are staying with them at the Windsor Castle since no one knows who has caught the virus and who has not.

For the sake of her health and to prevent putting Prince Philip at risk, Queen Elizabeth II should consider letting Prince Charles, who successfully combatted against COVID-19, be king instead.

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