Love Wins! 'Pitch Perfect' Star Reveals Shocking Same Sex Relationship

The ongoing health crisis did not stop "Pitch Perfect" actor Ben Platt from delivering his good news.

Platt, the actor who played the role of Benji Applebaum in the musical films "Pitch Perfect" and "Pitch Perfect 2," officially announced that he and his "Dear Evan Hansen" successor Noah Galvin are now seeing each other.

On Monday, during their interview on the "Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine" podcast, Platt introduced Galvin and revealed that they are an item.

"Ben and I are dating. I asked him this morning, I was like, are we allowed to talk about this? And he's like, 'Don't go into our nitty-gritty, but yeah, people can know.' It's still relatively new," the 26-year-old Tony winner said.

When asked about their relationship since the "Dear Evan Hansen" era, Galvin added: "I know it's so incestuous. But it makes sense since, like, we all went through the war together. We all feel very connected."

Both actors are currently quarantining together and have recorded fun dance videos along with their friend and Broadway actress Kathryn Gallagher -- the daughter of "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" star Peter Gallagher.

Although the couple did not reveal any other details about their relationship, Galvin still talked about the birthday gift he received from Platt a few months ago.

According to "The Real O'Neals" alum, Platt made him a birthday video. In three months, Ben combined the videos of his favorite drag queens from RuPaul's Drag Race to wish Noah a happy birthday.

While they shook their fans with the news, the two are not the first couple from Evan Hansen to be in a same-sex relationship. Taylor Trensch and Ben Levi Ross have been dating since 2017.

What Platt Thinks About Relationships

Meanwhile, Platt -- who released his debut album "Sing To Me Instead" in 2019 -- has been open about his relationship through his music.

The openly gay star revealed that he has been out to his family and friends since he was 12 years old, but he only started to talk about it in interviews recently.

"The whole point of this (album) is, to be honest about my own experiences and talk about things that have happened to me," Platt told USA TODAY last March, though he did not mention whether he was already with Galvin that time.

"A lot of those things just happen to be with men that I've been in love with."

The 12 songs he included in his debut album were all memories of the three major relationships he had.

He also gave descriptions to some of his songs. He said that "Temporary Love" is a "soulful declaration of unwavering commitment," while the heartbreaking track "Grow As We Go" is about a relationship at a crossroads where the two people realize they are not meant to be together.

Meanwhile, "Hurt Me Once" talks about a heart-wrenching breakup of the two people who see it coming, but neither of them wishes to admit.

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