Mary-Kate Olsen, half of the famous Olsen twins, has filed for divorce on April from her husband, Pierre Olivier Sarkozy. She is also asking for an emergency court order to finalize the split fast.

Because of the current Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing measures, New York courts are presently not processing filings for divorce, unless for emergency cases.

As such, as TMZ reported, Mary-Kate Olsen is taking that route, to divorce her husband of five years. The billionaire has a prenuptial agreement with her husband in place and is also now calling for its enforcement. Pierre is the brother of the previous French President, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Filing for divorce during the pandemic might have been made possible by the emergency option, but one issue is still their living arrangements. Mary Kate's legal camp reportedly got an email from Pierre that states a May 18 deadline for the child star and businesswoman to move out of their apartment. However, the Row designer finds that implausible. She had asked for an extension until the end of the month, May 30 to move out completely.

The pandemic has caused mobility and transferring restrictions, after all. The billionaire also claimed that the French investment banker is both attempting to force her out of her house and has ended the lease of the apartment without disclosing it to her. 

By filing for a divorce, however, Mary-Kate has successfully barred her soon-to-be-ex from throwing her things out in any capacity. 

It can be remembered that the two got married in a controversy-filled wedding, even though theirs was just a ceremony composed of 50 people at a private residence. This is because they tied the knot so soon - just two years of dating and with a massive age difference between them, 17 in total. While that is certainly not an issue, people did raise some eyebrows about what was happening.

Fans even commented on the fact that Olivier was previously married to Charlotte Bernard, where he has two children with, Julien 18, and Margo, 16. Mary Kate Olsen and Pierre Sarkozy do not share kids, which means they would not have to undergo the usually messy battle over custody.

For years, after the actress left the acting scene altogether with her twin Ashely Olsen to focus on their fashion empire, she kept a relatively low profile. Fans can barely recognize her with how different she styles and presents herself too, although fans still love her. Many had made the twins their teen idols growing up.

The twins did step out for Anna Wintour's Met Gala just in 2019, though, one of the rare engagements that they showed up for.

The last time they were in such an event was still in 2013.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were noted for their recurring roles in the hit sitcom Full House in the 90s, where they take turns playing the cute kid on the show, Michelle Tanner. When Full House was rebooted with Fuller House on Netflix, the two declined to be part of it, making many fans sad. The show's cast still fondly view them as part of the family, though.

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