Johnny Depp continues to face legal battles and is determined to win against those who wronged him. Good thing he has really some good allies. 

Allegedly, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor's former lovers, Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis, are ready to defend Depp's character in his libel suit against British newspaper The Sun. 

Depp is suing the newspaper after the tabloid published an article in 2018, which referred to the actor as a "wife-beater."

The article contained the allegations of his former wife, Amber Heard, that he committed domestic violence.This is why she llater filed for divorce after requesting for a restraining order. 

Johnny Depp denied the accusations.  

The hearing was conducted via video conference due to the coronavirus. Lawyers of the 56-year-old actor argued that statements from his former lovers, Ryder and Paradis, should be included as evidence in his case against the publication. 

Actress and model Vanessa Paradis, who has two children with the A-list celebrity, said in her statement, "I've known Johnny for more than 25 years. We've been partners for 14 years, and we raised our two children together."

She added, "Through all these years, I've known Johnny to be a kind, attentive, generous and non-violent person and father."

Paradis concluded, "He was never violent or abusive to me." 

In court documents, his relationship with the model ended in 2012, just before he and Heard became together, and the first alleged report that he "has been violent."

Winona Ryder has also come to Johnny Depp's defense. 

In her statement, she revealed how she couldn't wrap her head around the accusations of the blonde beauty. 

"He was never, never violent towards me. He was never, never abusive at all towards me." 

Depp's case versus is being heard at the Royal Courts of Justice three weeks from July 7. 

His lawyer, David Sherborne, said that Depp wishes to travel to London from his home in France to give evidence. 

In a statement released to Deadline, Sherborne said that the pre-trial review was a hearing of The Sun's attempts to first publicly smear and then "seek to exclude the testimony of multiple witnesses against their friend, Amber Heard."

"One witness will not be heard from is Dan Wootton, the co-defendant who wrote the Sun article about Johnny Depp and JK Rowling, but refuses to testify as to its truth." 

After the hearing on Wednesday, a spokesperson for Amber Heard said that they are glad they did not have the same experience as her. 

"However, one woman's experience does not determine the experience of another woman." 

Justice Nicol, the presiding judge, previously said that parts of Amber Heard's evidence relating to the allegation of sexual violence would be heard in private. 

Amber Heard's claims are subject to even messy legal proceedings in the US. 

Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife for $50 million for allegedly defaming him with domestic abuse allegations in an op-ed article she wrote for The Washington Post.

The article detailed how the "Aquaman" actress describes herself as a domestic abuse victim, despite numerous denials from Depp. 

The lawsuit also mentioned Heard's secret relationship with tech giant Elon Musk a month after tying the knot to Depp in February 2015. 


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